Bark it Loud, Raw Fed and Proud!
Bark it Loud, Raw Fed and Proud!

Bark it Loud, Raw Fed and Proud!

Morning_Walk2Here is another blog post written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane:

All this hype going on now about what to feed us. Don’t humans get that food is the primary thing that has ALWAYS gotten you into trouble? I mean do I need to say “The Garden“???

My slogan Mom says comes from the 70s when African Americans (then called blacks) used the slogan, “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud!” Well that works for me since my human Dad is an African American hehe and he likes my new slogan, “Bark it Loud, Raw Fed and Proud” WOOF!

So let’s break down all this NONsense about what to feed us because obviously this has NOTHING to do with human safety or what to feed us but it has everything to do with an agenda footed and instigated by the pet food industry which sits on the boards of all sorts of governing bodies.

1. First of all anything to do with the “nutritional” training in the veterinary profession makes us out to be omnivores. That’s what the pet food industry teaches since they are the ones funding the so-called nutrition education for the veterinarians in all of the veterinary schools. And of course the ingredients in their food are for omnivores, sort of since it is just denatured, zero-frequency junk food.

2. Regardless of what they are taught (apparently they don’t jive their anatomy and physiology training with their nutritional training) we are CARNIVORES. We have an enzyme in our saliva just for taking care of pathogens of which this hullabaloo is supposedly all about. And by the way don’t you meat-eating humans still purchase raw meats to cook for yourselves? Apparently now you can’t think for yourselves so they have to mandate something to make sure you are “safe” (aaah there is that buzz word again that is often used to take away rights and freedoms). By the way we do not digest food in our mouths like humans. We use our saliva for two things: killing pathogens and sliding food down into our stomachs. We rip, tear, shred, pulverize bone and swallow. We do not CHEW as humans do.

3. The recalls have almost entirely been all of KIBBLE not raw food.

4. The governing body contradicts itself when it says they have scientific veterinary studies proving all of the evidence against raw foods as the studies are slanted and conducted by none other than veterinarians working for the pet food industry.

5. They also say this is for food-borne pathogens but are only targeting raw food. Hmmm – if indeed this is what they are trying to determine and micromanage then the policy, study, recommendation or whatever they are attempting to institute should include ALL pet food including kibble and ALL treats not just raw foods. Did you know that ALL raw meat has pathogens on it? Oh yes, even those for human consumption so they are saying the food must be cooked to be safe: for humans. We are CARNIVORES designed to eat RAW MEAT, BONES and ORGANS. We have that special enzyme I mentioned before remember? We can lick our behinds, the behinds of other dogs, eat poop and roadkill and have no worries about pathogens. The pathogens making us sick are those associated with KIBBLE. The dogs and cats forced to eat that junk have weakened immune systems. DUH.

6. Did you know that a big pet food company is behind this bepaws they are now purchasing big freezers so I bet they want to have the corner on the raw food market. Sigh the status quo rears its monstrous head again.

Okay this is just all too much for one big puppy to take in so I’m going to go snack on my RMB (aka RAW meaty bone), sleep the long naps of a true carnivore and enjoy my life as a predator, WOOF!

And if you don’t know what’s going on here are some links so you can see:

By the way this has been going on for years humans. So I’m Barking it LOUD, RAW FED and PROUD, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ NATUROPATHICALLY, healthyy, RAW fed day, WOOF!




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