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Rainbow_promise_near_church_coyotes_first_harassment_08042012For those reading this on Aspenbloom Pet Care, Bark N Blog was my original blog. Then I set up this site, and then A Dog’s View. All are here on this blog now 🙂

After losing my sweet Great Dane boy, Meshach, on September 17th 2012 at the tender age of 15 months, and previously Shadrach on April 5, 2011, I didn’t think I’d be able to bear carrying on this blog – especially since I blogged for these two precious dogs as my muse in “first dog“. With no dog to inspire me how was I to continue??? How was I to want to continue, especially since I rarely hear from readers now that there are so many great pet blogs on the internet these days – bigger, more exciting ones? Bark N Blog may be one of the oldest pet blogs around, but I admit there are some REALLY great pet blogs out there now so I don’t blame folks one bit.

My heart was shattered at my loss of Meshach because he was WHOLLY naturally reared, so young, so sweet, and so loved. But I know the damage vaccines cause to the DNA, and how it imprints onto the DNA and is passed on which was the case with Meshach as I’ve stated in all of the posts since his death. I also know that the rabies and distemper vaccines are the primary culprits in damaging the brain and nervous system – contrary to all the propaganda that the pro-vaccinationists (i.e. the pharmaceutical companies and their shills as well as those who have assimilated the doctrine of the propaganda machine thoroughly) love to disseminate as though it were gospel – to the harm and detriment of so many animals AND people. But unless they take the red pill and wake up out of that Matrix of lies, they will never be able to discern the lie from the truth…

But, I digress as I am want to do on this subject.

Anyway a reader named Lynette Zizzo (who gave me permission to share this), wrote me condolences on Meshach and we then subsequently corresponded a bit. It is what she wrote me that has inspired me to want to continue blogging here in spite of the huge ache and emptiness in my heart…and the smaller audience:

…thank you so much for answering my email I know how difficult it had to be for you. I believe that Meshach was sent to you by Shadrach to help you get over losing him. I lost a beloved Rotty 5 years ago to o.s. (osteosarcoma). I chose to go holistic for him and he did last longer than my conventional vet told me he would. I still mourn his loss even though I have another dog, “Rocky” was my “heart” dog and I will never get over losing him. But I was happy I chose the natural way to help him in his final months. He was healthier and his coat was shinier. I also believe that all the vaccines the vet gives our pets are too many. I now choose carefully what I subject my dogs to. Thank you so much for all your insights on this topic. You Have been a great help. I do hope that some day you choose to blog again as it is so wonderful to read your posts.”

I responded to her this:
Lynette, you have so blessed me! Your words mean so much because it means that you have learned from my mistakes and all that my dogs have taught me. Thank you for taking the time to write to me and share this – it is VERY encouraging and music to my ears. Just knowing your dogs have been helped and that you have been empowered makes my heart sing!

She wrote this back:

Dear Dr. Kim, I am so glad to see you are continuing Bark N Blog. Your fur babies would have wanted you to spread the word to help other dogs. I forgot to mention that my dog, Rocky, who I went “holistic” with when he got the OS diagnosis, had a large fatty tumor at the application sight for the Advantage flea medicine but also that was a common place for him to get his vaccines:( I knew when I saw that fatty tumor my heart sank because year after year I was bringing him to my vet who gave him shots. The first thing the holistic vet told me was NO MORE vaccines for Rocky… and Rocky was the healthiest he ever was those last nine months with natural treatments, acupuncture, and Go-Ji juice!!!! Again, bless you for keeping Bark N Blog going!!!!!!! You are making a difference, keep spreading the word:)” love, Lynette

Thank you so much Lynette for giving me the reason to continue, because if this helps even one dog then it has all been worth it…and it HAS helped at least ONE dog that I now know of – YOURS!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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