It’s STILL Processed Junk Food!
It’s STILL Processed Junk Food!

It’s STILL Processed Junk Food!

Processed junk pet foodOften I will hear people say, “But I feed my dogs/cats a ‘holistic‘ pet food“. Folks, NOTHING that comes in a bag or can for people or pets is anything but processed junk food. That also shows me that the word “holistic” is being used completely out of context with little to no understanding of what that word means.

There is ZERO frequency in canned foods. Why does that matter? If there is no frequency, there is nothing of value in the food. It is completely denatured. In other words the body can’t extract anything of value for nourishment.

The chart you are seeing was compiled by someone who obviously understands what the masses seem to want to refuse to understand because feeding from a bag or can is the “accepted norm” even if it completely flies in the face of making ANY sense whatsoever.

The disconnect is so blatantly obvious.

We KNOW that processed junk food isn’t good for us, even though many still CHOOSE to eat it. But our domestic pets don’t have the ability to make that choice for themselves so they depend upon us to do that for them. But we are failing them if we continue to do what is CONVENIENT for us but not expedient for them regardless of what a veterinarian may tell you to the contrary. Remember they are not trained in REAL nutrition. They are trained, what little they do learn, if they are even still required to learn anything at all about this, by the pet food industry. Those that do learn about real, species appropriate nutrition have learned that on their own NOT through their education.

Don’t you see the conflict of interest there at all? I sure do. Let me share a quote with you by a veterinarian who does see the conflict and even the agenda that keeps both veterinarians and the pet food industry in your pockets:
KEITH BENEDICT,D.V.M.: “I suppose we veterinarians who do a lot of work with skin and hair problems ought to thank the commercial pet food manufacturers for all the business they create for us?

Sadly, for the pets, many people think feeding this rubbish is nourishing food to feed their CARNIVORE pets daily for all their meals ad infinitum and simply because they were told that by a veterinarian and also because it is simple for them since they don’t have to be really involved in what they feed their pets. Just shop for a bag or cans and feed it.

Commercial feeds in bags or cans no matter the species is still just processed junk food and no matter if anyone in a white coat says anything to the contrary.

And how would YOU like to eat that for EVERY SINGLE meal, day in and out until you die (and that would happen sooner rather than later since there isn’t much nourishment there)?

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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