Feed Raw REAL Bones
Feed Raw REAL Bones

Feed Raw REAL Bones

Rawhide Bones GraphicI shared this poster the other day on our council’s Facebook page and one woman astounded me with her comments – mostly because she showed a complete lack of knowledge on raw feeding. The only reason she could have stated what she did is that it was a knee-jerk reaction to continue to support the ease and comfort of feeding “clean, neat” rawhide bones to her dogs. (Click on the photo so you can enlarge and read it all).

I know we have all grown so complacent in how we care for our animals and ourselves. However, I don’t believe the readers of this blog would be anything but committed to the health and well-being of their dogs otherwise you’d not be spending time to read anything here.

We have been led to believe, mostly through media, that anything we do for our pets is going to be easy, convenient, and non-messy for us while supposedly being good and efficacious for our pets simultaneously. I choose to see feeding my pets a natural, raw diet, including treats, as always convenient even if it takes more diligence on my part because 1) I chose to have these animals in my life and 2) it is a pleasure to witness them being cared for according to THEIR needs not my own or my convenience, 3) to see them relish and enjoy their meals and treats knowing what they are eating is good and immune supporting for them so they can thrive. Because of that, it all becomes convenient, simple, and easy for me just because of my love and admiration for the canine species and what they are. That can only come by understanding them as they are, not as what I think they should be according to human standards or needs.

Modern society is trying to make them into extensions of themselves rather than honoring them as the species they are: canine predator carnivores.

After reading this poster, if you think that a rawhide bone is still okay for your dogs, then you don’t want a dog. What you want will have to be determined by you by looking deep within yourself to discover and I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist or God. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.

What did the woman on Facebook say to me? In a paraphrase basically that feeding raw bones gets blood on your carpets and thereby spreads contamination, plus they can splinter causing intestinal problems.

My response to that is simply:
1. Why are you feeding them on your carpets? Dogs can eat bones on a towel or mat on tile, patios, in the yard, etc. But why would you put them on your carpet in the first place? No logic there at all. Common sense dictates seeking out a logical place that is conducive to feeding raw meaty bones.

2. COOKED bones splinter; raw typically doesn’t but if it does it is digestible. And of course you need to be present and monitoring them – something most people don’t want to do which is why they get the darn rawhide in the first place. Sort of a mock canine video game babysitter.

I could go on a real tangent here (as if I haven’t already) and really rant, but bottom line if you’re going to have a carnivore in your home as a pet, then it behooves you to do your research on how best to accommodate that animal according to his/her species needs and that includes knowing and understanding their nature as well.

I was watching a Christmas movie yesterday titled “The Christmas Bunny” – and it wasn’t about Santa and the Easter Bunny either. There is a scene where the rabbit lady was teaching the little girl about what to feed the rabbit for his health and she told her to forget about those junk pellets sold at the pet store. She taught the little girl how to feed and care for the rabbit according to HIS species needs – REAL rabbit food in other words not convenient pellets from a store.

Too bad more movies and media don’t tell the truth so animals could be cared for according to THEIR needs rather than pandering to human ideals and convenience.

Rawhide is dangerous and certainly not natural or good for a dog to eat. And if you hadn’t noticed, they are typically made in the shape of a BONE. Why not just feed a raw REAL bone? That is the prudent and wise thing to do because every single one of us knows in our hearts that dogs are carnivores and meant to eat RAW meat, BONES and organs – if we are listening to the voice of Truth that is.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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