REAL Raw Food
REAL Raw Food

REAL Raw Food

Great Dane puppy eating beef heartThere is a debate going on in the veterinary community about a new process to ensure that raw food for our carnivore pets is safe. Hahaha, that is funny. Are raw meat, bones and organs safe for a CARNIVORE pet? Hahaha, that is REALLY funny…but this is not a joke.

The thing is why are so many people still listening to veterinarians about what to feed their pets? Because they wear the white coat and stethoscope? Remember they are taught what little bit they learn about nutrition from the pet food industry. Hmmm – do you see a conflict of interest here anyone? I sure do. Yes there are exceptions of course. Some veterinarians decide to unlearn the rubbish they learn in school and learn the truth. But not the majority of them.

Or is it the brainwashing from early childhood on obeying authorities that has you afraid to swim upstream?

Or maybe you are just afraid to feed what is natural to your pets because your pets are an extension of you in your mind…and since it isn’t advisable for us to eat raw meat, bones and organs we think it’s not okay for our CARNIVORE pets to eat it either.

This new process (HPP) is utilized to make raw food sterile. The process removes all pathogens but that means it also removes the good bacteria as well. Pasteurization is and has not ever been a good idea. And yet a well known veterinarian (you can read the article that is my mill grist here : is stating how sick pets could fare better on this form of “unraw” food (my term since they won’t admit it is processed). Any form of alteration is PROCESSING. The kibble companies can now jump on this and say they support raw food. Hahaha, now THAT is funny! They support FAKE raw and ONLY because they can profit from this process with their own line of sterile “raw” food.

The well-known veterinarian in the article above is a supporter of raw feeding and raw feeds her own pets. However, she now apparently is also in support to a degree of HPP. Possibly because she is wanting the veterinarians to have a “leg-up” through this process and part of doing that is showing public support for something she may never feed her own pets for any reason. Because of that many people will think this “processing” is okay and truly raw when it is not.

The fear of pathogens is at an all time high against all logic since the germ is NOT the problem, the terrain is. If a body is out of balance, it will be susceptible. They also fail to mention that Salmonella, e. coli and other so-called “bad” bacteria reside in our intestines alongside the “good” bacteria and that of our mammals. This is all a common, simple fact if you know anything about physiology…but these companies are counting on the fact that most pet owners don’t. Ignorance is not bliss folks.

It is processed food and no longer truly raw, so it is not okay…even for sick animals. Sick animals get well when fed their REAL natural, raw food. Is it better than kibble? Probably, although not by much. While it is a step in the right direction for people thinking that we are asking THEM to eat raw meat rather than feed it to their pets for the reason I stated above about the habit of people to make pets an extension of themselves, it is STILL no matter what label you put on it, processed food. Processed food is not good for us and not good for animals.

I hope the readers here are far beyond all of this fear-mongering and are realizing that their sweet, beloved dogs and cats are indeed carnivore predators. Honoring them as that animal first and your pet second is the real kind thing to do. It is a dishonor to make them human first in my opinion.

As for me and my pets (when I once again have the pleasure of sharing my life with a dog or dogs plural…and maybe even a cat soon as well) we will stick with the tried and true facts. That they are carnivores and will be fed a TRUE, RAW species appropriate diet to accommodate THEM and THEIR needs. Not my imagined fears or conveniences.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: By Dr. Kim Bloomer of Meshach the Great Dane puppy. Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved and may not be used without written permission.




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