Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”
Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”

Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”

Neo Mastiff making a statementWell it just seems that the status quo can’t let well enough alone when it comes to TRYING to compete with natural healing modalities and remedies. These synthetic imitations will never, can never compete with the REAL thing – but they sure do TRY. A famous sage by the name of Yoda once said, “There is no try, only do or do not” and I can assure you these synthetic pheromone “technology” products are nothing more than cheap imitations of the real thing: essential oils.

What am I going on about? Well we already know that there are perfume products, air fresheners, etc., masquerading as “authentic” aromatherapy products. Some might actually have real essential oils in the products BUT those can’t be therapeutic oils. Rather the essential oils in these products are adulterated, chemically grown, synthetically altered all of which can cause harm to the body rather than healing unlike with true, therapeutic grade oils. Most likely these ingredients are for perfume use at best.

I am inserting a chart here about the ingredients that are in most air fresheners and what they do to the body. So a little bit of perfume grade essential oil is not going to help you, calm your pet or truly freshen the air but rather do just the opposite – contribute to the toxin load in your body and that of your pets.

It gets worse. Now there are some new products on the market being called “pheromone technology“, touted as being able to calm your pet while helping to stop excessive barking, chewing and marking.

Toxic Air FreshenersWow really? Technology? What about instead stopping all the previous technology induced problems such as vaccines, pesticides, and kibble? What about training our pets to see how that lessens the perceived problems in them as well as learning about their nature so WE can modify OUR behavior and get in harmony with our pets? And if a calming aid is truly needed during the detoxification process or to assist your training/behavior modification efforts, use REAL, authentic, therapeutic grade essential oils that actually work, don’t cause harm and in fact support wellness?

This may cost more in time, effort and the initial outlay cost of the essential oils, but we either invest now in DAILY, true, natural care of our pets for a long, healthy life OR we pay later with huge vets bill, heartache and suffering for our pets. The choice for me is an easy one and in fact it’s one I took years ago and have never looked back. In fact my only regret is why I didn’t start sooner!

When I used to apply the toxic flea/tick junk from these companies onto my sweet dog, he would first try to hide from me when he saw me get this toxic junk out and put on my GLOVES. Then he would immediately run outside and try to get it off of him. He was WAY smarter than me – although I eventually discovered the truth. We humans just take longer to learn what the animals instinctively know. But after I began using Young Living essential oils this same sweet dog, Shadrach (my Neo Mastiff) would wait IMPATIENTLY for me to apply them to him! And now when I get the oils out to apply to my newest dog King, he wags his tail and waits patiently for me to apply them. Our animals KNOW the real thing when they “smell” it! They also seem to scent when something is harmful and when it is not!

For calming NOTHING has worked like various, good quality blends from quality essential oils. They have worked SO well that they don’t just help temporarily but have helped my dogs detoxify and to “settle” into a naturally calm state.

I invite you to consider the true alternatives over these cheap imitations that do nothing but add to the toxin load our pets are already inundated with.

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