The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap
The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap

The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap

Neo Mastiff with towel on headYes, soap. Most people today don’t seem to think much about the soaps they are using in their homes. They just see all the “beauty” benefits on television and then after watching those commercials over and over on the idiot tube, they traipse off to the store to purchase products that their brains were washed into believing they must have. But if you truly want to live a toxic-free lifestyle as well as lessening the toxin load in your pets, then start with the soaps and shampoos you use on yourself and your pets.

This article from Natural News ought to alarm you to the dangerous ingredient of “triclosan” that has been widely used in “antibacterial” soaps for DECADES: FDA finally gets around to conducting safety review on toxic antibacterial chemical triclosan, already in consumer products for four decades

Of course the “safety” study is being done AFTER the fact – typical and par for the course with FDA. They really are in business to protect the interests of the companies that create and sell all the dangerous toxins such as pesticides, GMOs, and pharmaceuticals NOT us or our pets!

This statement in the article, “A number of recent studies on triclosan, most of which were conducted on animals, have revealed that triclosan is an apparent endocrine disruptor. This means the chemical interferes with the body’s normal production and regulation of hormones, which can lead to all sorts of health problems ranging from decreased fertility and impaired thyroid function to developmental disorders and mood alterations. Two different studies on rats, for instance, found that triclosan lowers testosterone and sperm production in males, and impairs estrogen and thyroid hormone production in females“, should send off alarm bells for everyone to switch to non-toxic products for themselves because the chemicals in these products DO effect our pets too.

How do these products effect our pets if we are only washing our own hands with them? You pet your pets don’t you?These products have an accumulative damaging effect in your body as well as in your pets. If you use ANY kind of a chemical-laden conventional “soap” product such as hand soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, you are most likely putting petrochemicals and other dangerous ingredients such as the triclosan mentioned in the article, on your body and the same is true for pets.

You can switch out the following products you currently are using for the natural, healthy solution as there are many, very viable good options for these nowadays.

This is a VERY good start to your toxic-free lifestyle!

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