Vaccines: One Is Too Many
Vaccines: One Is Too Many

Vaccines: One Is Too Many

Meshach the Great Dane being elegantRecently a new vaccine protocol appeared on the horizon from a well known veterinarian and vaccine researcher. Most in natural animal health believe that the only good vaccine is the one not given (as I believe based on reason, truth and facts). However, many of those same people will support these minimum vaccine protocols because as they have oft stated “a limited or minimal vaccine protocol is a step in the right direction” because people are supposedly too indoctrinated to hear the blatant truth and too afraid to not vaccinate or do what the whitecoats TELL them to do. If one vaccine is one too many how can a “minimal protocol” (which by the way includes several sets of vaccines for puppies) be a step in the right direction? What happened to speaking truth? It has been whitewashed so much that even those who know the truth that is grounded in facts, logic and reason as I stated before, want to be “gentle” about it all – while our dogs continue to suffer and die as a result.

I won’t give you all the facts and REAL science (as opposed to the pseudo junk paid for by the vaccine manufacturers) here as this would become a dissertation and a volume of books instead of a mere blog post. I will give you some starting resources so you can begin your own research into this dark, long rabbit hole weaved by the masters of spin.

Let me start by sharing a quote by a friend of mine, Rita, who lost her sweet Standard Poodle boy, Revo, to vaccine damage. He was “minimally” vaccinated as so many seem to think is the “right direction to go” and died a very horrible death as a result. He died DURING a grand mal seizure (which is a KNOWN side effect of vaccines) – violently and suddenly. Funny how the veterinarians on the state governing boards seem to think seizures aren’t life threatening. Tell that to someone who has lost their dog during or as a result of seizures as Rita has and as I have (re: Meshach). And by the way the damage begins at the sperm and egg which is then passed on and each subsequent generation receives more and more damage. So your dog doesn’t even have to be vaccinated to receive damage as was the case with Meshach. It takes GENERATIONS of NO vaccines to clean up the lines. Just feeding the wrong food, as Pottenger’s Cat Study proved, can take up to four or five generations to clear up, what in the world do you think vaccines that bypass the normal protection of the immune system AND the blood brain barrier are going to do? HAVE done? HUH????

If pet owners are being swayed in the vaccine direction by veterinarians, you can tell them to ask their veterinarian to provide peer reviewed scientific studies that show vaccines are effective and safe. There is not a single study of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated in humans or animals. Why is that?? Big Pharma is well aware that vaccines are NOT safe and effective. If there were studies in existence we would be inundated with them in the mainstream media. It’s a worldwide problem in this belief system. Since those of us who are informed of this ‘No Vaccine is Safe’ protocol, then we must own the information and pass that onto the people who are not informed. It is then up to them to make their own informed choices…When someone loses their best companion that suffers a HORRIFIC death in front of their eyes caused by vaccines, the only direction is the absolute truth. The ‘vaccines are safe and necessary’ mantra is a distorted truth (which therefore is a lie) which I blindly followed and it cost me my dog’s life. Chronic disease and auto-immune disease are vaccine induced– the belief system that vaccinations immunize is a big fraud! People have been taught to be submissive to the ‘authorities’, medical system, and the veterinarians. This belief must change! It is our responsibility to bring awareness and take control of our pets health by NOT subjecting them to ANY poisons. Promoting NOSODES is a great alternative. True health will never be achieved through any needle. I will never let this happen again. R.I.P. my sweet Boy Revo.” ~Rita Giorgio-Masson

I think telling people the absolute truth is the only direction to go. It’s time for the whitewashing to stop. One vaccine is one too many. Animals are suffering from this vaccine religion and worship of medicine. It’s time to stop this and be medical heretics. Every single client who works with me comes with the fear of not vaccinating. Once empowered with the truth they stop vaccinating. Period. Time for the truth to prevail…that is the ONLY step in the right direction. All else is whitewashing with the animals as sacrifices on an altar of lies and deception based not in science but merely in greed and hubris.

Vaccines are now a religion. People have swapped belief in the mind-body-spirit connection to think Vaccine ingredientsONLY of the physical body. Medicine is the new religion. The ones wearing the white coats and stethoscopes have become the priests of this religion. They have been indoctrinated themselves by the groomers and suppliers of the holy grail (big pharma, pet food industry, government, etc.) to believe they are the ONLY authority over the bodies of YOUR pets. The only one with any knowledge and the only one who can thereby make any decisions for YOUR pets since the public is perceived as too stupid to know anything. MANY have decided to surrender their own power-of-attorney and embrace the lie thinking it is just easier to have someone TELL them what to do, what to think, what to believe.

I grew up in a religious system that basically said we are all too stupid to be able to interpret scripture so we should not read it for ourselves. At one time that is why the peasants were kept illiterate and we are fast moving in that direction again in this country. We were told to only listen to the priests and their interpretation of scripture. Well guess what? That never set well with me because I always aim to find out the “why” which inevitably leads me to the truth. Through my own research and study I found out the truth and I can tell you that it had nothing to do with what I was taught to believe. I found out the truth was the exact opposite.

I will tell you what I tell my clients: follow the money. Always follow the money.

The agenda will become as plain as day when you begin to really research and it has absolutely nothing to do with the health of your pets. Even the priests (the whitecoats) are being kept in the blind to keep the agenda moving ever towards the ultimate goal. In fact, our pets are merely the altar sacrifice and the public is willingly allowing their pets to be such AND pay to have it done. This may all sound a little weird and even mysterious but I can assure you that if I could figure this all out, so can you. And I encourage you to do so.

First you pay to have your pet injected by said priest with illness and then pay to have that same illness treated by the same priest. This is your gift to the altar of human greed and hubris. Your pet has no say, and their suffering is not in the least bit noticed by the giver of the sacrifice because we have all come to believe it is such a privilege to be told what to do and to donate our pets as our sacrificial duty.

This is idolatry and it needs to end. Now. No more whitewashing. No more steps in the right direction as there is only ONE step in the right direction and that is to become a heretic against this false religious idolatry and lift the veil. Pull the curtain back. And see the stark reality of what is being done in the name of medical “advancement” to your pets under the guise of health care delivery and protection.

We have all been deceived and lied to – whether you choose to believe it or not. The truth is never dependent upon your belief. The truth is the truth no matter if no one chooses to believe it and a lie is still a lie even if everyone chooses to believe it.

Let me leave you with a little scenario I see played out all the time and instead of logic coming into play people will vilify and criticize the messenger who shared the truth with them simply because they do not want to grow up and receive the truth and would rather hold fast to their belief system at all costs – even the pets they profess to love.

Herd immunity with vaccines is impossible (always has been) and can only happen naturally but that is not what is being propagandized. No, we are being told to believe that EVERYONE and EVERY ANIMAL must be vaccinated for true herd immunity to happen – LOL that is just plain asinine and has no foundation in truth, logic or nature for that matter.

We hear all the time how a person will say, “But you MUST vaccinate your puppy. If you don’t, I can’t let my vaccinated puppy come around yours because he could infect my vaccinated puppy.” There is absolutely ZERO logic in that statement. NONE. The belief is so ingrained that even in the face of obvious facts and also the obvious deception of vaccination, people will hold onto the belief. If those vaccines are so good why are you afraid to allow your vaccinated puppy around my un-vaccinated one? HUH???

Vaccines cannot immunize. Never could. Never will. Vaccinology and immunology are apples and oranges. But you are told they immunize so you believe there is some magic bullet that will protect your pet from some scary disease (which is also an illusion – disease and full assurance of immunity that is) while instituting chronic long-term suffering in the process. Where is the logic and sanity in that? There isn’t.

Read articles. Read the non-biased, non-vaccine company funded studies. Learn. And let the veil come down. Allow the curtain to open to see the wizard for the miserable little liar that he is.

After reading this post here is what my friend Rita Giorgio-Masson had to add – she said in few words what took me a whole blog post to try and say:

Thank you Kim for this article! It has been long overdue on this discussion of minimal vaccinations. Thank you for including me and Revo. As you said Revo and Meshach did not live in vain. We cannot let this continue to destroy innocent lives.

When the beliefs are different than reality, the body lets us know by providing us with some form of pain or negative health event. The negative result and pain are supposed to be A SIGN that WE need to CHANGE our belief…….because reality doesn’t change. The idea that poisonous vaccines are beneficial is a belief. The REALITY is much different.

This is what we are here to do…. Bring only the truth.

This article will be shared to all my friends, family, Customers, — this will go viral! This is a promise to Revo , Meshach, and to all the precious souls that deserve better than this barbaric “so called” immunization!”

I concur Rita wholeheartedly my friend!

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTE: Meshach the Great Dane by Dr. Kim Bloomer. Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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