If you’ve read my blog over the years you’ll know I’ve had several dogs since my blogging days began in 2004 – Shadrach (Neo Mastiff -my primary muse and inspiration, now deceased), Meshach (Great Dane – sweetness incarnated who broke my heart and my ego, now deceased), Schatzie (Carolina Dog aka American Dingo – my beauty queen girl who makes me smile), and King (American Bully – keeps my emotions and attitude in check) who is the focus of this blog post – all of their photos are on this site. He is my Bubba-tude monitor!

I have always had nicknames for my animals. It’s just a “thing” in my family to have lots of nicknames for each other and our animals. On Shadrach and Meshach’s memorial pages I have their multitude of nicknames listed. And each has a song I make up for them with its own tune – good thing no one can hear me sing them but the dogs and my poor husband lol. So of course King couldn’t go without nicknames and a song. Don’t worry I am getting to the “Bubba-tude” but it needs some explanation first. King has several nicknames and I sing a little “ditty” to him and Schatzie that includes several of King’s nicknames and one of Schatzie’s. His is Bubba King Dusty Miller. His sire’s registered name is in part, Bubba, and well King just seems like a Bubba lol. Everyone who meets him agrees! Dusty Miller is because he LOVES to roll in the dirt here. He’s something else this boy – and ALL boy.

So what the heck is a Bubba-tude then? Well I won’t go into ALL the details but we’ve had King over two years now and my journey with him has been entirely different than his with my husband. He is a man’s dog no doubt. He is comfortable in the company of men. His breeder is a man. My friend Mike who bought him and kept him for us as a surprise gift and who trained King, is of course a man. He also immediately bonded with my husband – they are a perfect match with each other. When my husband is home, King has eyes primarily for him 🙂

American Bully Breed King
King posing for his 5th birthday

You can do some reading through past posts over the years since we got King and see how I was working with him using quality, branded essential oils for HIS attitude because he had gotten the “growlies” with me. A low, warning rumble in his throat. And it was happening more in the beginning until I learned that it was ME not him. My attitude. My anxiety. My too high energy. When I gather myself in and calm down, King is fine. He’s a very easy going boy who loves every dog and person he meets. So what is up with this thing with me?

Well I believe that every single dog I’ve gotten, especially as an adult, has been a gift from God to teach me something I need to learn. It’s the premise of my book, Animals Taught Me That. Each one has had their mission and purpose to fulfill just as we do. I’m just blessed that I was their mission. King is the therapy dog I never knew I needed. He helps me stay grounded, calm, gathered and focused. When my attitude gets into the gutter and my energy all over the place, his low warning growl will bring me back up. Just as any other type of therapy dog will do when needed for their specific function, King is my “therapy dog” warning me of my Bad-ittude.


My husband has even noticed this! Recently I have been stressed over a multitude of things going on in my life. My husband said that I had been grumpy and complaining again which is most likely why King had done that low growl at me a couple of times. After he said that, I sat back and reflected back on the past couple of days and could see that it was indeed true. I also then realized King and I hadn’t played the Howling Game for a few days – something he always initiates with a game of tuggie first to get Schatzie involved. He knows if he engages me in play of any kind she’ll come to get in the middle of it all too. So he’s really trying to get HER to play not me lol. Then the barking and howling ensues.

I also noticed he’d not visited me in my office for a few days. He will come in and sit by my chair, stare and we have our little “chats“. He will place a paw on me or lays his big old head on my arm – makes it kind of hard to type :-). That’s when I knew I needed a Bubba-tude adjustment. I had gone and gotten a chiropractic adjustment last week but I had not had my attitude adjustment!


As soon as I gather myself in, focus and let go of all that angst, resting calmly knowing God is in control, it’s like all the energy flows correctly, smoothly. King then comes back to visit me in my office. He plays the games, and turns his belly up for me to rub. And I know, all is right again with the world.

King has helped me tremendously with my emotions. I thought HE was the one who needed help but it has been ME all along. Most of the time, what is wrong with our animals IS us. Did you know that? Even their illnesses. But that’s another blog post for another time. I am using the “feelingsessential oils such as Gratitude, Valor, Harmony, etc. I use the AromaDome weekly now to really get those emotions handled. Transformation oil blend has been amazing to use and I even used the “scary” one (lol), Release. Also Believe and Abundance. This keeps me with a Bubba-tude instead of a Bad-ittude.

Shadrach taught me all about natural health. Meshach taught me all about ego and spiritual warfare. King has taught me all about ATTITUDE and how to have a Bubba-tude instead!

I’ll share another time all that Ms. Schatzie the Beauty Queen has taught me.

So until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, BUBBA-tude day!

Photo Attribution: King the American Bully by Dr. Kim Bloomer, All Rights Reserved.



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