Quail Call Zoomies
Quail Call Zoomies

Quail Call Zoomies


My crazy house lol…last Thursday as I was cleaning house and listening to music I had all sorts of “thoughts” running through my head. It was a gorgeous day and so I am thinking it just put me in a lighter mood. That always helps when cleaning house. Well out of the blue I recalled to mind the calls quail make to each other although I rarely hear them do that during the winter – must be a mating call. It has a very unique sound to it and it is actually, to me anyway, quite lovely.

So anyway I started doing this quail call out loud lol. My husband was in another room – yes he helps me do the housework because he’s such an awesome guy – and my two dogs, Schatzie and King, were in the bedroom with me. My husband usually groans out loud when I do this call because I can be quite silly about it and he KNOWS it is usually going to rile up King – Schatzie is not easily impressed 😂😂😂.

No sooner than I started doing the call, King was ignited to express his own joy and happiness through short, quick, “floor buffer” zoomies 😂😂😂! He would stop if I stopped doing the call but resume his zoomie as soon as I resumed calling LOL! He is SO darn funny this dog. I was laughing so hard and of course that only made him want to do it more.

Schatzie on the other hand was looking at both of us with SUCH disdain – as only a Beauty Queen can do you know – as if to say “silly peasants“. I would say silly quail or pheasants but ahem that is going deep…as my mom would say “commode-ian” deep 😂😜.

Okay so my Animal Girl humor is showing – that was my “handle” as a child said in a VERY derogatory fashion to me by the “in crowd” girls but I am SO owning that “handle” nowadays as it is my name on Periscope @DocKim…it is SO cool to be out of the closet and simply BE openly of Tribe Weirdo along with King! 😂😜

More to come on that as I share the “music” in my head too lol.. for a headstart to all of you Weirdos out there who also love whole, natural health and don’t care what label the government quacks put on us. Better to be THIS than THIS.

…okay so I’m VERY easily amused lol but this BE me and I’m glad I have yet another dog that also is of the same tribe. Shadrach TOTALLY was and so was Meshach. Schatzie is, but she isn’t admitting it – YET!

Until next time…my wish is for you and your animals to BE WELL NATURALLY!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” ~Proverbs 17:22



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