Sit Really Does Mean SIT
Sit Really Does Mean SIT

Sit Really Does Mean SIT

Midge_and_BreOver the past two years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a remarkable young woman by the name of Bre Altherr. She and her husband Chris, own and operate the North Indy Sit Means Sit franchise. When they say sit really does mean sit – it really does mean that!

While their facility is focused on training, they also have a store, grooming, boarding and nutrition consulting available – yes they are raw feeding advocates and in fact do prey model raw with their own dogs! Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy studying to be a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant – which is how I got to know her. You know some people you just hit it off with right away? Well that’s how it was with us 🙂

Let me tell you a bit about the work they do there as some may interpret the work they do there incorrectly. I am

Bre and Chris on the far left with two of their dogs, Merlin and Lycan
Bre and Chris on the far left with two of their dogs, Merlin and Lycan

SO darn impressed with how great they are with dogs, including dogs considered to not be rehabilitatable. Chris is just so fantastic with them – he really understands and respects the nature of dogs and their needs. When you go to their website, be sure to watch the videos and his demeanor with the dogs in training. Then look at the videos of both of them as they interact with their own dogs as well – they have four of their own and several they board that are waiting to be adopted. Bre does all the grooming in addition to training, even specializing in dogs that have been banned from other facilities. She is amazing with the dogs but that doesn’t surprise me considering her personality – firm yet gentle, loving, encouraging, and JOYFUL!

I got to hang out with her at the Young Living Convention this past summer and we had THE best time! She is an uplifter, leaving you feeling energized. So imagine how the dogs pick up on that!! I’m SO excited to be “bunking” with her again this year at Convention, WOOT!

Back to the dogs up for adoption….

They have worked with these dogs on various issues and won’t allow them to go to just anyone. They want homes that understand the nature of dogs and also these dogs in particular. They also really want them to go to homes that raw feed preferably.

All their personal dogs, left to right - Lycan, Pansy, Merlin and Midge
All their personal dogs, left to right – Lycan, Pansy, Merlin and Midge

Their boarding facility is all about keeping your dog safe and in a clean, comfortable environment. They get to go outside several times per day and only supervised. I just love how they are ALL about the DOG!

So it’s no wonder I am so excited to share with you their new website so you can see and experience what I am saying for yourselves. Be sure to check out their “Meet Us” videos! I am SO darn blessed to have these two as personal friends.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, go check them out – and enjoy the training videos. If you know anyone in the North Indy area who would benefit from their services please send them their way.

This blog post is TOTALLY unsolicited on their end – it is just such a privilege for me and a joy to share them with you AND your dogs!

One more time go to

Until next time…

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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