Immunizing NOT Vaccinating
Immunizing NOT Vaccinating

Immunizing NOT Vaccinating

How To Immunize Your Dog Without VaccinesRecently I received a copy of the revision of this book. It is a project that was begun almost 2 years ago. Due to a series of life events that happened it was hindered in its revision but it came to fruition no matter. With deep gratitude to Aleks Mikic for writing the original and then in the revision including the stories of our vaccine damaged dogs to add additional impact to an already brilliant book, I am indebted to her for fulfilling my promise to my last dog, my puppy Dane boy Meshach, that his life was not lived in vain. That his suffering would not be unnoticed or forgotten. He wasn’t vaccinated directly but he DID suffer the brunt of the EPIGENETIC damage that was done due to the insanity we have wrongly come to believe is protection: vaccines. Two of my other dogs stories are in this book as well and they did suffer directly the damage from vaccines. These three dogs taught me much. And no matter what anyone says – government, medical personnel, ANYONE, I know the truth and that is what liberated me from the lie.

Sidenote: The book was already published. Aleks did not have to go through the hassle of including our stories in this book and having to go through the publishing drama all over again – but she did. And now we can say that this book fulfills a quote I often share: “Give people a fact or an idea and you enlighten their minds; tell them a story and you touch their souls.” ~Hasidic ProverbPainting of 3 dogs by Barbara J. Hilford

While some of the stories are so disturbing and heartbreaking, our hope in sharing them is that you will be greatly impacted and at the very least do REAL research and learn the truth yourself. Our greater hope is to stop this insanity and it is insanity. As Albert Einstein said, we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome/result.

Here is my friend Rita’s response to the book, whose story of her special yet heartbreaking story of her Standard Poodle Revo was also included: “Today I received a gift of love. My story and many other pet owners stories have been published . Thank you Aleks Mikic for all your love and passion in the making of this book. This holds a very special place in my heart for the numerous animals who have suffered the consequences of vaccinations.

Our animals matter, our voices matter, and our personal stories can now be heard. My promise to Revo has now become fulfilled . Dedicated to all the animals in this book that have lost their lives.

Standard Poodle RevoLearn about why vaccines don’t work and their impact on the body. How nature governs the laws of cure and prevention.

Aleks is a long time holistic practitioner, teacher, author. She is the founder of Health4Animals comprehensive course in holistic treatment of animals.”

Thank you Aleks, you are AWESOME! Love you girl!

You can find the book on

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Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY, non-vaccinated HEALTHY day!

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