Joint Support for Canines
Joint Support for Canines

Joint Support for Canines

Carolina Dog, Schatzie in her bedAbout a week ago my dog Schatzie and I had a close encounter of the coyote kind! Two in fact. Schatzie warned off one and the young one that was left behind in the chase seemed scared and confused. So I took Schatzie in another direction so we could give each other space with no harm no foul other than a limping Schatzie girl. She’s much better today though thanks to a good ‪massage and a little homeopathy for possible soreness. My husband was also able to source more regularly some good, raw trachea which has greatly supported both of my dogs for their joint health.

The next day we did go a little slower in our walk/run but by the second day Schatzie was back to her normal Running Wolf self.

Additionally my dogs sleep on grounding mats and also have magnetic mattresses in all of their beds (they have four in the house):

Of course we follow all eight laws of health for our dogs as well:
1. Nutrition – species appropriate and raw
2. Exercise – daily
3. Water – pure, with no chlorine or fluoride
4. Sunshine/supplements – sunshine as they desire (dogs need it for different reasons than us since most of their Vitamin D is acquired through their raw meat/bone/organ diet), whole food supplements when needed
5. Moderation in all things
6. Fresh air
7. Proper rest – in total dark without all sorts of electronic contrivances running
8. Trust – in the 7 previous laws and trust in God

Just thought I’d share what is working for us.

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: Schatzie the Carolina Dog by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.




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