A Story Paints a Picture, Don’t It?
A Story Paints a Picture, Don’t It?

A Story Paints a Picture, Don’t It?

Carolina Dog on the MoveThis isn’t going to be one of my “raw feeding” or “pesticides cause harm” type posts, I’m just warning you up front. As the listed categories for this post imply, this is going to be a storytelling, faith-based post – you’ve been notified! It’s a “story paints a picture” thing.

The question BEGS why would I do that on a canine naturopathy oriented blog? Because this is my life now and I realized completely today that I no longer can keep them even remotely separate. Keep what separate? My work and my faith. The cool thing is my dogs and nature are the primary teachers God uses to speak to me – through pictures and thoughts that come into my mind as I do the simple, everyday things.

Why am I sharing that here? If I didn’t I’d burst since I need to share all that He is teaching me and in the process maybe one person, one dog will also benefit. And besides, you don’t have to read it 🙂

Okay so this is sort of a ramble, I think lol. I just want to share a couple of cool things God showed me in a subtle way.

Carolina Dog eating dead rodent
Schatzie having a morning snack lol

I do have a resource here on this site that you can use to go deeper if you so choose. I’ll give you the link at the end of this post – if I ever get to the point! I’ll also be sure and share a photo of Schatzie walking with what appears to be a baby rabbit or ground squirrel she found to munch on, on the way home so you get the feel we are still ALL about the canine carnivore companion here. And don’t be freaked out, after all she IS a carnivore and she DOES scavenge like any animal, only her scavenging happens to be for dead, dying or rotting things because of her carnivore status. But I digress…

Schatzie and I go for a daily walk in our semi-rural neighborhood (that is quickly diminishing with rapid growth sigh). Each new day is a new adventure. I never know what wildlife I’ll encounter, what trash humans so glibly toss into the environment I’ll pick up, or what Schatzie will find to eat lol. Most days quail and rabbits are abundant everywhere but other days we see coyotes, hawks, roadrunners, owls or vultures. However, the best part (besides the obvious which is exercise) is that I am walking with God Himself – the Creator of everything!

He shares some amazing sunrises with me – which sometimes in childlike fashion I believe is just for me!

NM Sunrise
Sunrise on July 1, 2017 while on a morning walk

Other times He shares out of this world cloud formations like He did the morning of June 27th (check out this website after looking at this cloud formation – there is an amazing cloud on that page too – www.thepromise.cc)

God Clouds
Strong cloud that came towards me then vanished shortly after

This past weekend and today He decided to share some simple lessons with me – which I REALLY need as I am still growing and I still fail almost daily.

In the last year and some change, I lost my sister to suicide. I also lost a cousin I grew up with – his heart gave out after years of abuse but thankfully he had turned to Jesus prior. I was really struggling with all of this but then I came upon a documentary film – that I was really pressed of God to watch. Repeatedly pressed. So I did. And everything has changed since. How could one movie do that? Because my entire walk with God changed. In the process I learned about my “created value” and “identity” (see the link at the end of the post as it has all the links in this journey). Anyway back to the topic, an acquaintance of ours lives close to where I walk so I

Raised garden wall
Raised garden wall

see his house every day. He had built a tiny little FENCE for part of his backyard for some personal privacy I suspect. He has a big lot with lots of equipment on it for his business and of course there is a high chain-link fence around the entire property so the little fence had to be for some additional privacy as I said. Only this past weekend did I notice that the fence had been replaced with a low wall that looks like it doubles as a raised garden as well. What does this have to do with anything other than home improvement? Well I have learned that when I received Jesus, He made me a whole new creation. Sure I look the same, I talk the same but I am a whole new person in Christ. Not improved, but new. It was interesting I’d not noticed that wall before but while conversing with the Lord – yes often out loud – He showed me that. I turned and looked at that wall again and that’s when the entire thought I just wrote above was uploaded from my heart to my brain.

These little things just happen when I am out walking with God and my canine girlfriend Schatzie. It’s quiet and in the still of the morning I can hear His still small voice.

Schatzie and Me on a water break during our morning walk
Schatzie and me on a water break during our morning walk

Today another cool thing happened. I was stopping at our usual “water station” so I could give Schatzie a drink of water from our Cool Pooch water bottle. She started drinking before I had added any water! I chuckled and then it dawned on me (and I’m sure was God doing another quick download to my soul), she KNEW there would be water even if she couldn’t SEE the water or taste it yet! God whispered to me, “That’s how I work too – when you step out in faith, with no doubts but high expectations, the Living Water comes.” WOW! Just giving my dog a drink of water and He gives me all of that! Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (bolding mine)

For those who aren’t on page, that’s okay He is on page with you. If you’d like more on these life lessons God has taught me over the years, check out my book, Animals Taught Me That. Of course it was written before all of what has transpired over the last year but that doesn’t lessen the lessons learned one bit!

One naturopathic comment – be sure to EXERCISE your dog daily and better yet join in, you might just discover some amazing things in the process. Besides it IS one of the EIGHT laws of health!

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!
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