Being a Dog

Carolina Dog on old bed on patio
Schatzie thinks she isn’t photo ready here

Humans always taking photos of me and King…especially when we’re just being a dog! So here are some instances people since you’re the ones reading this…

The Smoky Days of September

All the smoke in the air with all these fires so my eyes are even more runny, then to top it off you wait until after I eat so I look chubby…then you wait until I’m lying on this old raggedy bed outside THEN you take a photo and expect me to be happy about it??? Paw-lease what were you thinking??? I’m a beauty queen mom which is what you always tell me, woof! You couldn’t wait until I was sitting in my pretty inside bed, after food is digested, and the smoke is gone??? Really? And then you’re sharing it on social media bepaws you haven’t gotten decent scenery photos due to all the smoke???Oy and vey!! You’re truly Pup-arozzi!!

The Rainy Days of Early October 

Carolina Dog eating dead rotting animal
Schatzie front view – eating a dead, rotting animal

Schatzie: You’re doing it again…stopping in the middle of our walk to look at and photo me. Why?

Dr. Kim: Because you have another dead, rotting thing in your mouth.

Schatzie: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Even if I did, aren’t you the one always teaching on how we’re carnivores/scavengers? Huh? How about honoring that?

Dr. Kim: You’re absolutely right of course girl. Just don’t pretend anymore you don’t have it in your mouth and then by all means have at it.

Schatzie: Deal! Woof!

King’s Response to it all
It’s not fair. Schatzie gets ALL the good finds bepaws Dad won’t let me walk off-leash. I know, I know it’s bepaws I am naughty about that and she isn’t.

American Bully under his bed
King in his man cave – to soothe all his troubles away.

But still. You’d think I’d find something in the lower yard like a rabbit or mouse that died. Sigh, she even finds those. Besides, she’s the boss of me, woof! Guess I’ll just hang out in my man cave and pout a bit. Sigh.

As you can see the dogs aren’t too thrilled with our interfering with their pursuits. With King, we need to keep HIM safe. He LOVES to chase rabbits and other critters too much, and he LOVES other dogs and people a LOT too. Schatzie is amazing. She does stay close, and she can be recalled really easily – even with wild animals around, people and other dogs although she is always “leash-ready” also. So she has more opportunity to get her natural probiotics and enzymes more readily than King. Such is the life of being a dog in our modern society.

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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