I Hatez Taking Photos!

American Bully dog hating photo taking
I hatez this mom. Stop it pawlease.

I rrrrreally hatez taking photos, woof! I’m a suffering bully.

Mom is always taking photos of me. She thinks I’m cute but I’m a manly sort of dog. I hang out with my Dad and follow him everywhere. Why? Bepaws I’m a guy’s kind of dog. So saying I’m cute and taking lots of photos of me isn’t fun.

Mom says she has to capture as many moments with me and Schatzie as possible and not just to share with all of you. She says it’s for memories to watch us as we age. Schatzie is already older than me by four years but she wears it well I think. She’s a beauty queen, WOOF!

Recently mom took a photo of me while I was sunbathing and I had this to say about it and yes I did post it to FB and Instagram so everyone would know I wasn’t happy about.

I don’t always get to sunbathe, but when I do I want it free of PUParozzi!

I wasn’t looking my best you know? I mean the PUParozzi are famous for doing that – catching us at our worst instead of our best. My eyes were leaking out that rusty stuff as I am still detoxing things bepaws of the junk humans love to put in the skies, in the water, everything.

American Bully not happy about photo session
King hates photos

My humans are cool even if mom takes too many photos though. How?

Well they feed us REAL dog food – the kind we’d hunt if we could and RAW! NOT veggies and fruits like big famous whitecoats keep saying. They forget a major thing about eating veggies and fruits – we get it PREDIGESTED from the animals we consume. Yep. Our prey digest it and then we eat them. That’s how it works. Simple and common sense, it is not convoluted as the white coats would have you believe.

[box type=”shadow”]If you want to follow that whitecoat stuff then go ahead but be aware that just bepaws they have that license doesn’t mean they know everything. What they learn on nutrition is taught by the pet food industry. Then many of them just keep on thinking in those same reductionist terms when they decide to go natural – kookoo. [/box]

My humans also give us pure water that isn’t fluoridated or chlorinated.

We get fresh air too (when it’s not being purposely polluted in the skies – otherwise my humans diffuse YL essential oils and use an air purifier/ionizer). Otherwise I get my fresh air during my sunbathing sessions and during our walks.

I get good rest in peace and calming every night too – all the electronics turned off and the room darkened. It helps my humans too!

I also get DAILY exercise, WOOF! My favorite….except after food. Food is my favorite!

Just remember though, I was originally raised conventionally, and came from conventionally raised parents so I do have some epigenetic damage. Don’t know what that is? Look it up, that’s what mom always says. She says her own parents used to tell her that so she got used to doing her own research to learn things. Then APPLYING what she learned to prove things out.

So for me the detox is happening ongoing and slowly. For me and Schatzie slow has been better for us. Bepaws I have some challenges my humans are diligent to keep me supported. I get only soil-based probiotics and humic-fulvic acid  – Schatzie too. Not daily, mom believes in balance over time not in every meal.

So I’m wholly naturally supported and I like that! Mom always says I’d be really sick if I didn’t have this type of support. So I guess I’ll just keep on tolerating the photos that I hatez. The trade-off is pretty fair don’t you think?

Well now that I got that off my chest I can go take a snooze, woof! By the way, the rust is all gone from my eyes now too!
Tweaking things as we go for my unique needs is what has really helped. So I’m not bummed anymore bepaws I got to share this imPAWtant message!

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, TAIL waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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