Being Grounded

Carolina Dog earthing
Schatzie grounding while I sunbathe

What does that mean to be grounded? What does that have to do with the health of our dogs? Animals? Us? Why should we even care?

We are all electrical beings. If we aren’t, we are dead. The earth has its own magnetic pull and vibrational frequency. What changed for our health started with the advent of rubber soled shoes and plastic. For animals it was the same (in the case of dogs) as well as metal in the case of horses. Plus we started keeping our pets indoors more with less outdoor exposure – which we ALL need for our health and well being. When we say we are grounded that always meant through the earth to keep us calm and connected with amazing health benefits. That is why we are currently seeing so much lately about going barefoot – again that includes for animals as well.


We are all born barefoot for good reason. We are MEANT to be as it is part of how we stay well. Putting shoes on us and animals isn’t. With dogs it began because of asphalt and cement which is too hot in summer, slippery and freezing in winter. On natural ground neither thing would be an issue for them barefoot. Not for us either IF we went barefoot. At the very least wearing shoes that still allow for the earth’s conductivity to surge through us would help. Rubber and plastic soles prevent that from occurring.

I’m beginning to think plastic is the scourge of our world – it has caused far more harm just for conveniences. Does that sound familiar? We want convenience at the expense of our health and well being. With food and just about everything else. We think a pill or injection will keep us well when it never can and never will.

Being involved in our health and that of our pets, ACTIVELY involved is what will. Several of the laws of health include fresh air, sunshine, exercise. When I run and walk outside with my dogs I am getting all three of those. They are receiving the additional benefit of grounding on the earth.

Carolina Dog in the desert
Schatzie getting her exercise, fresh air, sunshine and grounding all in one! earth. I don’t put booties on my dogs in summer or winter. They walk on earth not on asphalt or cement.

The sun, air and ground all provide needed negative ions and the electrical frequencies we and our dogs need to be well. I’m going to invite you to join us in this barefoot revelation so we can all (animals too always!) be healthy, grounded and wise – receiving all that EARTHLY goodness!

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

Resources: – The Grounded movie

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