Dog ACL Brace – Natural Recovery
Dog ACL Brace – Natural Recovery

Dog ACL Brace – Natural Recovery

American Bully wearing a knee brace
King pulling again! He would not do this when his knee was first injured.

Those of you who have been reading this blog know that my American Bully King, re-injured his cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) back in February of this year. I’ll link below to both of the previous posts if you haven’t read them yet. Many people and vets call it an ACL tear so clients understand better even though in dogs it is CCL.

We decided to take the natural approach and avoid the surgery – again no surprise since I am an animal naturopath and will always choose that path as the FIRST resort. The conventional approach will always be a LAST resort for us.

The company we purchased King’s custom knee brace from is Posh Dog Knee Brace. This was a GREAT solution for us! King is doing so good and rebuilding all that muscle that he never rebuilt after the initial injury! His brace supports him so he can fully weight bear, YAY!

Recently King was sent a lei from Posh Dog. They started the company because of their own dog Pasha. She got a lei too so they are continuing that in honor of her to all client customers. The following three photos tell a story… 😁

Photo 1 – King pretending to be nonchalant about it all.

American Bully dog wearing a lei
King’s nonchalant attitude about his lei

Photo 2 – King shares it with Schatzie because she’s a girl and looks cute in it. She says no King it’s for you to honor your pawsome healing journey thanks in large part to the brace!

Carolina Dog wearing a lei
Schatzie wearing King’s lei. She wasn’t “feeling” it lol.

Photo 3 – King owning it and knowing he’s still a macho guy because Posh has helped him gain back some of his big leg muscles and getting stronger each day! Thanks Posh, we love you all! 💖 👏

American Bully with his Hawaiian lei
King owning that lei!

We are so happy our boy is doing so well. Those BIG leg muscles of his are returning. He’s confident once again. AND he’s calmer since he is getting his full exercise now too. This has been SO worth it!

Remember this natural process for wellness starts with the RIGHT nutrition for your CARNIVORE companion – aka your dog!

Here are the links to the first two posts:

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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