CCL Tears in Dogs – Our Personal Journey, Pt 2

American Bully dog sunbathing
King sunbathing after his raw breakfast – full belly

The bully life can be RUFF 😂💖😎 – this isn’t his best side lol. He’d be so embarrassed if he knew I took this photo. Full breakfast belly (raw fed dogs LOVE their food!). King doesn’t have to be told to follow the laws of health, sunbathing is one of his favorite pastimes as you can see!

Since King’s CCL tear and wearing a brace he’s been able to gain back almost his full exercise daily so he’s lost weight but it sure doesn’t show from this view LOL! American Bullies kind of have that funny sort of build that makes you always think, “CHUBBY” even when they are usually over-muscled. King is gaining back some musculature as well. His leg is more firmly planted on the ground when walking now with and without the brace, although we do not take him on his walks without the brace.

With the brace he even goes into his “hunting Pointer pose” again when going for his walk because you know, RABBITS. His confidence is back, he’s playful and silly again as well. PLUS he has lost the weight he had gained with the limited exercise he could do! That’s also contributing to his glee I’m sure. As you can see in the video he gets SO excited when we are going to put his brace on because he knows he gets to go for a long walk. He is back to wanting to follow his my husband around, “helping” him do chores (inside and outside lol), harassing our other dog Schatzie (I can tell she is glad he’s back to normal again since she was fawning over him like a mother hen when he was hurting), playing the barking/howling game with me, and just enjoying his dog life!!

It’s super exciting to us to watch our little man regain both his joyful exuberance and almost his full exercise regimen already. He has progressed really fast since we began using the Posh Dog Knee brace.

I’ve also noticed from the owner comments that those of us on the private knee brace group that do naturally rear (raw feed, natural methods, etc.) are having quicker results with the progress on our dogs than the dogs that are being conventionally reared.

Currently I am taking a continuing education class in Canine Kinesiology Taping at Angel’s Animals – Holistic Animal Studies (one of our educational partners at our online school). They offer holistic animal courses in canine and equine kinesiology tape, animal neuro-myofascial release technique and equine massage. I have always been interested in kinesiology, structure, movement, etc., and the added incentive of learning how to further support King when he isn’t wearing the brace just made it a no brainer for me to take. They offer two kinds of classes – one for the pet owner that just wants to learn that is a no-certification class, and one that is for practitioners who need continuing education. The instructor, Dr. Angelique is an animal chiropractor, another modality that has really helped dogs with their structural challenges as well.

I did become an affiliate for them as well so I do receive a commission if you sign up. I didn’t even know they had an affiliate program until I wrote them and asked if I could share their class with my readers in this post. So I’d share it either way. I’m enjoying learning this too. They often have sales on the weekend. I received a discount purchasing this class on the weekend. I know they’re running a sale today, March 23, 2018 and it will run through the weekend so check it out!

My brother is a physical therapist and he has been encouraging me to learn this for a couple of years now – I wished I’d heeded him sooner but at any rate here I am taking it now. I believe this can be a great support for those breeds that can’t have the brace due to the structure limits I mentioned in Part One. Possibly this could even help them recover quicker after surgery (since that seems to be their only option sigh) or even an alternative to the surgery coupled with a complete whole health lifestyle.

We are taking the length of recommended time to help him regain all that he had lost. We aren’t pushing him either, we’re just allowing him to progress naturally at his pace. King is still getting daily massages on his leg and weekly whole body massages as always. My husband also still uses the cold laser on him daily as well.

As I learn the taping I’ll share King’s taped leg and you can decide if this is something you’d like to learn to support your own dog either now or in the future. I’m sharing the class link below.

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Posted on FB on 2/2020 by veterinary technician Jamie, head tech for Posh Dog:

…here is a very good article, by Dr. Narda Robinson, DVM, from Colorado State University. Note this is from 2012, and sadly what she said is still 100% true, and most studies done are still being ignored, even if they show proof that surgery is not the best option.

Claim No. 1
“A chance to cut is a chance to cure.” False.

Cutting/surgery does not cure cruciate disease. In fact, about half of Labradors rupture the contralateral CCL within six months after tibial plateau leveling osteotomy. Evidence indicates that TPLO does not halt the progression of osteoarthritis in dogs. TPLO outcomes vary widely and long-term clinical trials are lacking. In fact, three studies show that radiographic signs of OA significantly worsen after TPLO. This concurs with human evidence indicating higher OA morbidity following surgery as opposed to conservative care. Who pays for the diagnostic error when the surgeon finds an intact ligament? The dog and the client.”

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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