The Howling Game, Pt2

Posted By Dr. Kim on Apr 16, 2018 in Dog Behavior and Nature, Dr. Kim's Views, Weird Animal Girl - Tribe W.A.G. |

This is the Howling Game (on video this time) that King and I do all the time. I had to stealth videotape because if he sees it he’ll stop lol. So sadly it is facing sideways. Sometimes this game can last five (5) minutes or longer. The more in depth and varied my howls are, the more his are too.

King also won’t do this game if my husband is home or if he thinks my husband is in the house. He is Donnie’s sidekick but he just won’t do this with him around. It’s so interesting.

It’s fun to me to be part of the pack lol. Schatzie never howls which is interesting because she’s the more feral by the very nature of her breed.

Just thought I’d share. Here is the link to the original post on this game that King and I play.

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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