American Bully PULLER Action!
American Bully PULLER Action!

American Bully PULLER Action!

American Bully testing the Puller toy
King testing out his new tug toy!

Recently I was asked by the creators of the Puller dog toy if I would review this toy for them – as in get some Puller action from my American Bully. So they sent me a couple of them to test out King. King’s breed LOVES this type of play especially since they were designed to do this very thing. My female Schatzie (Carolina Dog) isn’t a bit interested lol but she gets tail waggin’ happy when she watches us play with King!

King immediately took to the toy and you can see in one photo he was proudly displaying it while he waited patiently (sort of lol) for me to quit taking the photo so he could resume the tug play.

You’ll see in the next photo the action taking place IN THE HOUSE. These toys are designed for some great outdoor activity with your dog as you can toss them and have them retrieve them as well as play tuggie.

My husband and King are always playing tuggie inside (they play outside too) but the inside play is so spontaneous which is their male bonding thing. Outside play is more targeted. This is so far the best tuggie ring we’ve had!

Because I’m a canine naturopath (natural health = naturopathy), then of course I was concerned over any toxic ingredients and where this product was made.

American Bully dog playing with Puller ring
King having a tuggie fight with my husband

It is made in the Ukraine. The material is a non-toxic composite polymer. So far so good.

On the packaging it states simply what you can hope to achieve with this toy – and I LOVE when things are stated simply without all the spin doctoring:

1. Builds up dog health – YAY I am ALL for that of course!
2. It can support you in obedience training
3. Saves time in working with your dog – it’s FUN for them in other words so they’ll want to engage. 20 minutes of Puller training = 5 km of running! Okay again getting them their needed DAILY exercise is a law of health I’m ALL for!!! They can be engaged in running, jumping and pulling – dog favorites. They are predator carnivores after all so this is all instinctive for them once engaged correctly.

If you’re interested in checking this out go to They keep it simple and straightforward. It was the same in dealing with the two people I’ve dealt with at Puller. Very polite, professional, straight and to the point. I absolutely LOVE that as it is sadly so unlike how we seem to do things in the USA these days. They know how to follow up too in the same fashion. I also follow them on Instagram which you can do as well – they feature their dogs there…@puller_dog_toy.

So would I buy one? Yes. If I didn’t already have two for testing, I’d buy one. I have bought them lesser things that didn’t have the endurance for said American Bully – shame on me. Hopefully this will help you with a great toy that will give you more interactive time with your dog.

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Until next time…

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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