Naturopaths, chiropractors and the medical profession

photo of woman's backThe problem is more the medical governing bodies rather than the medical professionals themselves, however the training the doctors, veterinarians, etc., are receiving is geared towards indoctrination in the belief that natural health practitioners are the enemy – not of health but of their bottom line!

Which leads us to believe that health for yourselves and your animals is not what the conventional medical community is concerned with but rather treating your inevitable diseases if you follow the advice of the status quo.

The following article that was on Dr. Mercola’s website (until the 2021 censorship which makes the article even more accurate) outlined the ever present war upon natural health practitioners which has been waged for decades: Chiropractors and Naturopaths – Are They Dangerous? and the alternate title of this article is Why Are Medical Associations Against Alternative Medicine?” – which is the more accurate title as you’ll discover.

The general public is convinced that whatever their doctor or veterinarian say is the gospel truth because we’ve been so indoctrinated through the media to believe it is so…but so have the medical practitioners through their training!

It is the medical governing bodies who have fought tooth and nail with their big bucks to squash your choice for any natural health (for yourselves and your animals) or what they so love to call “alternative” health care. Naturopathy and chiropractic are not alternative care. They ARE health care. Conventional medical care is just that – pharmaceutical, surgical care. It is not preventive. It is not healthcare although they have hijacked every positive word used to describe TRUE health care, aka NATURAL health care as well as any NEGATIVE word targeted towards them such as “quack” and covertly redirected it towards ALL natural health care practitioners. (Look up the history about quacksalver/quicksilver and should be able to discover who was using that, what it is and who the word was/is really applicable towards).

If people were so inclined to do their due diligence and take the initiative to learn the truth, indeed they would discover all of this for themselves. Sadly however, the general populace has surrendered their thoughts, their health, and their minds. While believing we all have the right to choose, it appears that the general populace has decided they’d rather be dictated to on what to think, what to wear, what to do, what to choose, etc.

I know it’s unfair to lump everyone together but until people en masse begin to speak out and demand their right to choose their healthcare, to make their own informed decisions for their health, that of their children and of their animals, and demand accountability by the medical governing bodies, then the attack against REAL health care (naturopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, et al) will only continue until all choices have been removed. George Orwell must have known that his book, 1984, was based on eventual truth rather than just a mere scientific novel. What a sad state of affairs.

Health is a day-to-day lifestyle decision and it is not only about the absence of disease. It is not about treating symptoms. It is not about taking prescription drugs to maintain your health – if that were so, taking the pharmaceuticals would cure you which they do not and in fact cannot.

I used to jog with a vascular surgeon every morning. I mentioned one morning that my neck and back were bothering me so I was going to the chiropractor that day. She stated that she didn’t feel that our spines should be manipulated in that manner which had me laughing out loud – if that were so we’d not be able to bend forward or backward or stretch for that matter! I said to her, very tongue-in-cheek, “So doctor what do you propose I do, have surgery? I’ll take my chances with chiropractic any day over that!” The next morning as I met her on the track and with my usual flair for stating the obvious, I said, “Aaaaah, I feel so good today after my chiropractic adjustment!” with a big, pain-relieved smile. She just looked at me and said nothing of course.

I have gone to chiropractic for 40 years. My injuries are from car accidents. A physical therapist assigned to my case once whispered in my ear that I’d fare much better in chiropractic and massage care because what he could do for me was a waste of my time. Hahahahaha, indeed! I don’t have to be on any kind of pharmaceuticals. I’ve not had any surgery either. I have torn my meniscus in each knee and never had surgery. I treated myself using herbs,magnet therapy, essential oils and homeopathy. I have healed completely in each without drugs or surgery even though it was highly recommended I do and use both by the “doctors“.

I’ve done likewise with my own animals. My own former dog, Shadrach, a Neo Mastiff, was afforded quality of life that would have ended prematurely had I not kept him in regular chiropractic treatment over the last four years of his life. In fact, because of the nature of his injury and how it effected the function of the vagus nerve which in turn effected the function of his organs, in particular his liver and pancreas, he would have died several years earlier than he did in liver failure. He lived to the age of twelve which is unheard of in conventionally reared Neos.

I use a naturopathic approach to my own health care and that of my animals. Chiropractic is to keep my structure properly aligned and me pain-free sans drugs or surgery – and as I stated above for my animals as well. Best of all, it is all so inexpensive comparatively.

I would choose conventional care for heroics – meaning for an accident or severe emergency. But I would heal with the assistance of nature’s medicine chest, natural foods, rest, fresh air, sunshine, movement as my healing increased, NOT pharmaceuticals which really don’t heal at all but merely suppress/palliate.

Once you learn about the laws of nature that govern health then you no longer have to be a prisoner to the tyranny of modern medicine. You won’t any longer need to be a victim of their REAL war which is on health through the monopoly they desire for control over you and your animals which does in fact make great wealth for them. However, you must be willing to learn in order to be empowered, and to forgo the white coat syndrome. Until then, you will be a slave of the medical conspiracy designed to profit from keeping you always even just a little bit sick.

Until next time…

Have a pawsitivley tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

Originally written: August 2013



Kim Bloomer, V.N.D., N.D. is an animal naturopath as well as being certified in small animal nutrition, with years of experience in animal wellness. Dr. Kim is a published author, writer, blogger, host of the DOGgone Truth podcast. Dr. Kim offers Animal Naturopathy Mentoring and Courses. Subscribe to her DOGgone Newsletter for updates or to her blog via email. Copyright ©2005-2024 Aspenbloom Pet Care, Dr. Kim Bloomer, All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the Author/Publisher. This article is intended to be educational. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified animal health professional. Dr. Kim Bloomer and Aspenbloom Pet Care, do not assume any legal responsibility for misuse of the products discussed in this article. The only essential oils referenced on this website are Young Living.


  1. I’ve been using chiropractic for over 40+ years. After a fall off of my horse. Cured in two treatments…after three weeks of pain and muscle relaxants that did NOTHING to stop the pain. Have used monthly “activator” adjustments for many years. I also use a Naturopath for my main healthcare. And conventional ER for an accident or strict emergency. They’re always amazed when I tell them that I do NOT have a PCD (primary care doctor) just my N.D

    1. So glad you shared this Connie! We both have been using both chiropractic and naturopathy for a long time! I don’t have a PCD either!! I feel very blessed to BE a naturopath and to offer this true healthcare to others for their dogs.

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