Those DOGgone Oily Dogs and Flies

American Bully dog, human, Carolina Dog
King, me and Schatzie during our weekly aroma massage

Recently on Facebook and Instagram I posted a different kind of photo of me and my dogs during our weekly aroma massage. It got attention and in fact a couple of people asked me if I’d be willing to let them be a “flies” (as in on the wall lol) of my weekly massage. Here is what I wrote that got people to ask me this (the photo is the one with this post):

Every week my dogs receive an aroma massage. Every week is unique because I never know what positions they’ll take or how they’ll respond to me due to my own attitude or mindset. This last one we were in complete harmony lol…I had to sit next to Schatzie to massage her – King already had his but he wanted to remain close and in touch with me 😂💖. It was special as always.

Some questions were ones I expect to receive so I responded with answers on my weekly podcast, the DOGgone Truth with some of this same sort of thing:

“I have a system and after a short while the dogs know what is coming so they actually try to push each other out of the way to be first 🤣. I’ll have to video it someday. The process anyway. I just stay consistent and calm. I play piano music on my iPad by a guy named DappyTKeys on YouTube. As soon as that music starts they go into major chill mode 😂🙌 It just works for us because my dogs get more massage and touch, loved on. Oils are more minor in this rather than focal. 😁💖 “

That’s when people said DO THE VIDEO. Okay so I did an FB Live video on Saturday November 3, 2018 – 32 minutes with a full on drop the phone and get back into the right zone for a full minute video. As my friend Wendy said, it wouldn’t be an FB Live without some kind of mishap!

I’m not much of a videographer and I did try to get it edited to upload but alas, two different video programs and the huge file (yes I know I can minimize it with Handbrake). I’ve done short videos no problem but this one was more than I bargained for so I’m leaving it as is on FB if you’d like to watch it. I can upload it as is to YT or Vimeo also but they’d not “approve” of the quality I’m afraid since my WIFI wasn’t perfect either. I’ve uploaded larger files and had no problem but this one was for some weird reason.

I had great feedback and for me a lot of views of the video (over 600) and quite a lot of comments which I wanted to address. One of the comments was polite but negative which will be addressed on the next podcast if you’d like to stay tuned to that – it’s the DOGgone truth yo that DOES make us free!

Here is what I shared on Instagram on all of this if you want the shorter version without all the natural health stuff in the podcast and video – you’ll be missing out though haha:

I used the quote, “the bravest thing you can be is yourself.” Then I said:

“I’m only just now starting to realize this. I did an FB Live video yesterday of how I do an aroma massage on my dogs. I was asked if I would after sharing the photo of me with my two dogs and my lower legs….

I was uncomfortable doing this video because I didn’t think it would be much for anyone. Why? Because it seems who simple to me – it’s just me being me with my dogs in our private bonding session.

Guess what? People really liked it and thanked me for sharing. A good friend said it was because of several reasons:
1. I was just being me.
2. My love for my dogs poured through.
3. Things that may be simple or easy for me or vice versa aren’t for others. So I took away fear.
4. I showed it didn’t have to be complicated or perfection – I even knocked the phone over lol.

I was WAY out of my comfort zone because it was (and is) a very private thing being shared publicly. I did it anyway and let myself be vulnerable. I braved being me.

People crave authenticity and transparency these days in a world full of deception and spin doctoring. I want to be a part of that movement. Not sharing the negative so much but rather being part of encouraging and inspiring to bring hope and empowerment to others.

Lastly I learned recently reading the book, “When God Says Go!” by Elizabeth Laing Thompson that when we don’t know what our talents are, think about what comes easy for you yet may be difficult for others – that’s your talent/gift so share that!”

I’m glad I did honestly. And it’s not bad receiving only one partially negative comment that with education and encouragement COULD be overcome – the person would have to be willing to not stay stuck in cognitive dissonance is all. I’m not being mean when I say that either, just real.

So my dogs once again got me out of my comfort zone to help others and help stretch me in the process. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please do friend me on FB so you can watch the video and we can enjoy learning from one another okay? Leave feedback here too if you’d rather just get to chatting here.

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Here are resources for you:
Mine and Shadrach’s story:–dyRQVgcM

Facebook Live video demonstrating how I do this (if we’re not friends you won’t be able to see it so please send me a friend request and say you listen to this podcast

Don’t try to be better than someone else. Be the best that YOU can be.” ~Inky Johnson

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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