Bubby Under the Dome

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American Bully dog under the AromaDome

Bubba King under the Dome!

Have you ever seen one of these? It’s called an AromaDome. I purchased mine a few years ago when Julie Chertow the inventor first released it. It was available through Young Living for a while but now it is only available directly through Julie. I’m sharing this because my American Bully King, aka Bubby, recently decided to join me during one of my sessions under this dome!

He came into my office where I had set it up and peeked under the tent wanting to see what I was doing in this thing 😂. He had never really showed any interest before no matter how often I had been in it. Schatzie often would come in and lie next to me while I was under it (it only covers the upper half of your body) but she never tried to get in it either.

So I had been under the dome for about 10 minutes when Bubby came in to see what I was up to – he’s always pretty inquisitive about anything new going on in the house that isn’t part of our normal routine.

He kept peeking under the tent then eventually he came in to sit like this for a minute or so, then and leave. I do 5 minutes of diffusing on then 5 off and I usually stay for maybe 30 minutes max. It’s a targeted way for me to receive my essential oils when I desire this and once again I only use Young Living Essential Oils EVER. I never make King come in with me and he’s never tried before as I said – in fact this is a first for him. He only stayed a total of about 3 minutes and he came in during the “off” part of the session each time – there were still oils in the air of course.

I was diffusing the raindrop oils combined into one bottle. I used to do a weekly raindrop on Schatzie. I’m wondering if that is why he was drawn to come all the way in? Maybe associating the scent with her? I don’t know, all I know is I am glad he joined me AND that I can be calm about it since I do use Young Living Essential Oils. When I posted about this on Facebook,several of my oily friends told me their dogs do the same thing! There is something to this YL lifestyle I can say – my dogs ALL have eventually come to seek them out and LOVE them. Shadrach especially did – he’s the reason I even use these oils after all.


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Just sharing…until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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