Loving God’s Creation

Sandia Mountains sunrise
Sunrise over the NM Sandia Mountains during our morning walk January 2019.

These are two short stories I shared on Facebook with my photos of two things: a sunrise and a plant I love. God is sure teaching me through His creation. I mean He always has, but WOW I just see things clearer and clearer. I LOVE God’s creation! It helps if I don’t look at the mess we’ve made but only at the beauty of what HE has done!

Story #1

I love sunrise. My grandmother taught me to appreciate it – she was early to rise to run her business in an age when women didn’t. She went to bed late more than not so she also taught me to appreciate the sunset. We all have “go throughs” – some far worse than others. But what she taught me was to appreciate the rising of and setting of each day in all its beauty. Her life wasn’t easy but she seemed to always tackle it head on – it was the only way.
My husband’s aunt (who raised him) always taught him there is no future in our past…it’s just part of our journey.
This sunrise I hope encourages you today no matter your “go through” to seek out the beauty and embrace that even if your journey right now isn’t so beautiful. And know even when it seems darkest the dawn is coming. He brings us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy in our mourning, and a garment of praise for the spirit of heavinessIsaiah 61:3. My dogs have always kept me honest in my workouts and now I get to realize all the beauty I get to engage in before the world is fully awake! 💖🙌

Story #2

beautiful houseplant
My beautiful house plant that I love!

Have you loved a plant before? Don’t laugh I’m serious! There is a story to this one and I feel genuine love for it. I was sick back in 2016 for a week with a very weird thing – weird because it didn’t make sense because of how I live and take care of myself. I was also healed one day while praising God in the midst of my pain. Yes, I sure was. This plant was the bright spot each day as I made my way into this bathroom. I could feel the brightness in it.

Honestly you can think I’m cray, I’m so okay with that. I just know what I know. I love to see the beauty in a world fixated on the ugly. This plant 🌱 💖😍 Thank you God 🙌

They gift us with support for our healing in the form of oxygen, herbs, oils, and just their presence as this one does for me.

PS this is yet ANOTHER thing my grandmother taught me to appreciate. She had a super green thumb and LOVED taking time away from her busy restaurant just to do some gardening and be with her plants. She had the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen all around the entire restaurant and in her yards. I maybe didn’t appreciate it so much in my youth, but I sure do now.

God equates us to plants throughout scripture also – including pruning. Ouch but necessary!

I hope this encourages you even if it isn’t about dogs just know that the plants in the house help to keep the air even cleaner (along with our air purifier and essential oils), and the sunrises I see are because we honor the laws of fresh air and exercise DAILY and with our dog!!

Until next time…

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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