Sunrise and Nature
Sunrise and Nature

Sunrise and Nature

fiery March NM sunrise
Fiery March sunrise

This was our sunrise on March 2nd – yes on a Saturday morning. It’s just another beautiful thing about having dogs – we never miss the sunrise so I’m very grateful to enjoy this beauty daily while honoring the laws of health. In this case we get to honor 2-3 of the laws of health: exercise, fresh air and even sometimes sunshine! And all while being out in nature, woot!

We also were the only humans out and about but it was evident to us both that Spring has indeed arrived in NM because we were greeted with a cacophony of the Dawn Chorus!!

If you don’t know what that is look it up! Here, I’ll give you a headstart: . Something to note though is birds aren’t the only ones participating in the Dawn Chorus…

The singers I could identify on this particular morning were:
Quail, an owl, sparrows, a pack of coyotes, and the local canines. I can feel everything coming alive again and it’s so captivating!!

When I was young I couldn’t fathom this early bird stuff but interestingly enough I always worked jobs that required early mornings – usually that’s the case when you work with animals. But I also worked at our community college for a long while and in local gyms. So I learned to appreciate the early morning.

However, since moving to this high desert 🌵 that was semi rural 10 years ago, I began to experience nature firsthand and rather than be afraid of it as we’re so brainwashed into these days I really began to embrace it all and learn from it. It’s been an awesome experience as well as the best education to complement my line of work as an animal naturopath. I’m truly very grateful for it which is why I share it so often.

It was the best when my desert girl Schatzie was with me because it was her and my Dane boy Meshach that helped me to really get into it all. Maybe one day I’ll have another that will take me even further. For now I enjoy my bully boy King and his rabbit fixation lol.

If y’all have any stories along these lines you’d like to share on your own nature walks, I’d love for you to share them and also if you’d give me permission to share those on my podcast I’d LOVE it! Share in the comments.

Thank you and know that His mercies are fresh each morning 🙌

Until next time…

Have a positively tail wagging’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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