Breakthrough in Bonding

This is how King normally sits with me during Bible study.

This is really huge – for us. These are pics of my dog King and I sitting together during my morning Bible study.

In the 2nd pic you’ll see what changed on this day! This boy has rarely liked to make eye contact with me this way, and usually will sit with his back to me like this. Since Schatzie passed he started asking to come sit with me while I do my quiet time and study with the Lord before my workout. I invite him in each morning and he’s always so excited. 😁💖

This is when King turned around and looked at me

Back at the end of March when I took this photo, King turned around, leaned into me, wrapped his leg over mine and looked into my eyes! When we got him 6 years ago he bonded to Donnie almost immediately but with me he was always resistant and would challenge me for rank status.

Then Schatzie came along 4 months later and became my Velcro girl. King bonded with her right away too.

For some reason that kept a bit of a wedge between King and I.

Needless to say I’m thrilled with where we are now. I was trying too hard at first when Schatzie passed – which was SO not working. 😜😆.

I backed off some and just have stayed calm and relaxed with him and this is where we are now. I’m thrilled to say the least! 🙌🙌🙌💖💖

Here is what my friend Suzanne said (she’s the one who encouraged and helped me through Schatzie’s passing):
“This new bonding is wonderful. 💕’

A suggestion from my own playbook. And this is something I know you’re aware of, but sometimes we’re too deep in the forest to distinguish one tree from another. As you and I both know, our companion animals are always taking care of us, emotionally, mentally and physically, and we have to be careful to “protect” them from us when we’re going through difficulties. The problem is that sometimes they do it so deftly that we think we’re improving on our own. I know that you, Donnie and King are all still grieving Schatzie. Think about using White Angelica on King a couple times a day, and maybe Sacred Mountain, to protect and help him while you’re all healing from this loss. Just a suggestion from my own playbook. 💕🐾💕”

King receiving his weekly AromaMassage from me

And I responded with:
Funny you should say that, I teach the same thing! Guess what I’ve been diffusing for about a month now almost daily? Sacred Mountain. Guess what I’ve been applying to him and I daily for almost a month as well? White Angelica ♥️

So cool isn’t it?! Yes, the oils surely helped a LOT. Spending time with him. Finding ways for us to connect, and always being aware that he is doing as much teaching to me as I may be with him. It’s never a one-sided street unless we are demanding a dictatorial relationship with them which I think is just so not cool. At all.

The weekly AromaMassage is something I’ve done with him since he first came to live with us. Then Schatzie (at first reluctantly) was also included. King has always thoroughly enjoyed this whereas she came to enjoy it…then they would eventually vie to be first to receive their massage. I often gave more time to Schatzie than King because of her age and needs, but now I spend detailed time with King focusing in on his spine, legs, head, neck and feet. He really, really loves this!! It just makes our bond closer and teaches me to stay in the calmer state he prefers since he is a rather intense dog. The calmness gives him comfort and assurance I’m trustworthy. The essential oils GREATLY help with emotional support, immune support and calming all-in-one. Be careful which oils you choose to use, ask me privately which ones I use if you want to know what I know to be okay with animals.

You’re braver than you believe,stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” ~Winnie the Pooh

King focused on the door waiting on my husband

Here is another way he and I bond and it’s really developed out since Schatzie passed away. She always got in between he and I so she could be close to me. So that always kept King at arm’s length so to speak. Now he and I have worked this out to an interesting duet lol…

King is intently focused in this photo on the door waiting for my husband Donnie to come in from running errands. Donnie is his favorite human and best buddy in the world! His focus is inspiring to me that he is so intent on WAITING. As soon as Donnie comes in, King and I do the howling song lol. It tickles Donnie because it’s like a domesticated version of a Wolfpack greeting 🤣😜.

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus,and the support.” ~Sabrina Bryan

The King and I sunbathing together

Lastly King and I love to sunbathe together…that is something we’ve done together for years but now it’s like he waits for me to come join him. We LOVE honoring this law of health TOGETHER!

Sharing the journey into whole health and relationship with the beautiful predator carnivore that shares his life with ours.

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail WAGgin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: By Dr. Kim Bloomer, ©Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved.



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