Rescued from the Arroyo

stuffed toys rescued
My arroyo rescues

This is a weird animal girl alert aka W.A.G. This is a shelf in my tiny laundry room 😂. Hopefully y’all will just roll with it…I hope one day to allow a heart-centered child to adopt these willing fosters of mine (true adoption as they won’t be charged for these toys). They were each one rescued from the arroyo where we walk each day…

Dirty and discarded, as our society tends to view anything they have grown weary of these days, I pulled them up out of the dirt, washed them and now they grace this shelf. Each one in the order they were saved, left to right. Over about a 7 year period.
Why though? Why not just throw them in the trash? Because I maybe watched Toy Story too often? 😂 Or toys were more scarce when I was growing up so more valued? Or I have a thing for animals animate and inanimate alike? Or I’m just a silly sentimental as I age? Yep, all of the above…but there’s more.
They remind me of all the garbage I’ve picked up on these walks. We recycle what can be recycled. The real trash/garbage goes in our trash as we bring it home and place it there. Some things we clean up and keep, other things we clean up and donate.
1. Why does our society not care about this anymore?
2. Why is everything so easily tossed with no care or concern for the environment or even to donate instead to those who would appreciate things in their need?
3. Or simply put things in the trash rather than tossing out the window? Or donating?
4. Or giving away? Or going to the dump and paying a few dollars to put it in the right place?

I know some of the answers but I’m curious about your thoughts, so come on and share in the comments. 💖

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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