The Truth Is Out There!

syringesThe veterinarian who wrote the article below is here in my state. She has been in this battle for the truth for a very long time, wanting to genuinely help animals BE WELL naturally. Stating the same things I’ve taught for years but from the perspective of a veterinarian of course. She has to treat the damage. If only people would wake up and realize NOTHING safeguards our pets totally. And definitely not vaccines no matter what the media, censoring social media platforms, government, medical industry, personal emotions without thorough research, etc., say.

They DO NOT immunize! They are not even the same thing. They are immune challenging (dis-regulating is more like it) and worse replacing a POSSIBLE short-term acute illness (which is what we believe we are vaccinating against) for long-term chronic illness (which is what ensues once injected because injection equals infection) doesn’t sound like a good trade off to me. And the mandates? Don’t even get me started. Either way illness and death are eventually inevitable. I’d rather go the route of what God gave us in nature and the innate immune system.

Here is a quote by my friend and author, Aleksandra Mikic from her book, How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines (btw vaccines don’t immunize they vaccinate – which are two entirely different things):

By vaccinating every individual animal and not allowing it to develop its own immunity, we are effectively preventing the passing of the immunity to the future generations. A vaccine is always made from the most virulent form of the virus since pharmaceutical companies jump on the wagon as soon as the disease appears and the level of fear is at its highest. While in nature this virus would have mutated into a less virulent form, it does not do so in the vaccine. Generations of animals are therefore injected with the worst form of the virus and stripped of their natural immune response which would have been passed onto subsequent generations. What is passed forward instead is deformed DNA, and the destruction of the species must ensue. Vaccinated mothers do not pass on herd immunity, which then puts pups in greater danger of contracting disease while they are very young. By attempting to save the individual animal, we are effectively destroying the species. A healthy species is able to survive without human interference and we are taking that ability away from our animals.

And did you know our government here in the USA is the largest purchaser of vaccines? Have you ever wondered why that is and what is the REAL reason behind all of this? The reality sounds like a bad scifi movie which is what “they’reBANKING on – so no one will believe it. I’m not going to go there here because it really is insane.

Our pets were the first stage of the ongoing experiment under the guise of health care delivery. Now our children. Next everyone.

So just read the article and DIG like our dogs do – the truth is out there and no this is not the Xfiles lol although the truth behind all of this really does seem to play out like it is.

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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