My Dog is Friendly!
My Dog is Friendly!

My Dog is Friendly!

Space etiquette for dogsI’ve had this happen to me with my former dog Schatzie who wasn’t always friendly with other dogs, in particular female dogs.

This happened one day when she and I were out walking in our usual place, and a guy came along with THREE dogs OFF leash. Schatzie was off leash but I casually put hers on and yelled at the guy to get his dogs because mine wasn’t friendly. I didn’t know if his dogs were male or female.

He had a bulldog, a Pitbull mix, and a Labrador. The Lab ran for us full speed ahead. I even tried to detour but the guy was laughing while yelling, “He’s friendly, only a puppy of one year, he wants to be friends!

Schatzie perceived it as a threat to ME. As soon as he got close to us she and he were in a fight! She was already 11 years old at the time so I wasn’t going to let that go down without doing something.

I didn’t want to hurt the guy’s dog but his Pitbull mix by this time was there and circling us, while the Lab was fighting with Schatzie. So I kept yelling at him to get his DOGS by now, while kicking the Lab to attempt get him off of Schatzie without me getting bit in the process. Amazingly no dogs were hurt – they sure made a lot of noise though and all I saw was teeth!

I was not happy I can tell you. After the event ended though, I remained calm and was even polite to the guy because I didn’t want any of the dogs picking up on tension or anger to make things worse – which could’ve happened no doubt. The guy really didn’t think he was doing anything wrong letting his dog do what it did.

Folks, understand that just because YOUR dog may be friendly does NOT mean the dog they are running towards is! Dogs have definite body language and it is up to us to learn that as well as to advocate for their safety and protection as well as our own. This happens far too often because people just are clueless.

This is NOT Disney, we need to get that out of our mindsets. Disney is made up stuff FYI.

This is obviously a HUGE pet peeve of mine and many of my like-minded, dog loving, dog training, natural animal care advocating friends and colleagues. So please do your due diligence, thank you so much!

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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