The Colorful Desert!

beautiful wild flowers copyright 2019 Dr. Kim Bloomer
My favorite desert wild flowers!

I’ve been meaning to share these photos with you all since the beginning of the summer! I thought well why not go ahead now and share before everything turns yellow and red! Anyway, before a new puppy (coming soon) graces our home and who knows what may befall the yard initially lol. So here are some photos of our colorful, vibrant DESERT!

It’s so funny when I tell people I live in the desert they think stark, dry, barren. That’s true in winter but in spring and summer it’s a sight to behold. But you need to look for the beauty as it isn’t always as obvious as in naturally green environments. When we get moisture the desert responds brilliantly! It’s conservative by necessity. The first pic are my fave wild flowers out here. It’s hard to imagine such delicate beauties growing in this harsh, hot and arid climate. Just another thing I love about the diversity so I wanted to share it with you and hopefully bash a few misconceptions

desert flowers copyright 2019 Dr. Kim Bloomer
side view of my house in spring

The last two photos are my backyard – well part of it. Anyway, sure the trumpet vines aren’t native but it’s interesting to see how they still flourish here.

Lastly I do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. So the microbiome and ecosystem here is thriving and abundant.

Short but I hope refreshingly sweet and giving you a different view of desert life!

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

backyard patio view
Vibrancy of my desert oasis after rainfall in spring
desert fauna
backyard desert plants




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