Getting Some Dane Love
Getting Some Dane Love

Getting Some Dane Love

Dr Kim with Great Dane puppy
This is me with my friend Thomas Sandberg’s Great Dane puppy Tyr

Back in mid July, my friends and I, shown in these pics, Wendy Lovas and Breanne Altherr, went to Salt Lake City, UT for a convention. We spent this particular day visiting our friend Thomas Sandberg (he runs the Long Living Pets Raw Food Research) enjoying his awesome Great Danes – Odin the black adult and Tyr the brindle pup. I definitely got a lot of needed Dane love from the two of them!

What was cool about the visit also is that all three of these friends are graduates from the former distance learning school I co-founded in animal naturopathy!!! It was SO refreshing to be with such like-minded friends again on the ways we believe our dogs ought to be raised. We certainly don’t have all the answers but we do have solutions that have greatly helped our own dogs and those of others. That just makes all the naysaying, censorship, “quack” jokes, the entire gamut worth it because after all dogs lives have been both saved and improved!

Dr Kim and Great Danes
Me, Odin and Tyr

It’s clear I was in my happy place being outdoors with this dog breed I’ve loved since my teen years, and with awesome friends. It truly was a VERY special day. We were so grateful to Thomas for allowing us to invade his private space and share in his life with his dogs for a few hours.

I had to remove ALL jewelry so puppy boy Tyr wouldn’t keep thinking they were toys LOL! He was at that very mouthy stage and I was afraid I may have a bleeding earlobe to contend with if I didn’t! Thomas said Tyr was so enamored of my hair LOL! I think I had a very intense one day love affair going on with these two giants – Odin the very regal and kind giant, and Tyr the very BIG, goofy, funny puppy boy! Since then he has grown nearly as tall as Odin and is growing into the regality that Danes are known for. I can’t wait to see them again next summer if they don’t move elsewhere by then.

After a few hours of all that dog love and talk, we girls were off to the Homestead Crater – if you ever get to UT go check it out, it was so awesome. I was VERY energized yet calm after soaking in that deeply mineralized water for almost an hour. It just goes to show how mineral starved our modern lifestyle can leave us, even if we are supplementing which of course I am.

Wendy Lovas and Great Danes
My friend Wendy with da Danes!

Thomas had work to do so he couldn’t go with us and besides he’s in his happy place as long as he’s with his dogs. I can SO relate! Our visit wore the dogs out at any rate so they were happily resting to leave Thomas to do his work for that day. That day was probably THE best day of the entire convention for me just because well DOGS, good friends, good food, and nature!!!

Thought I’d just share a day in the life with you and encourage you to keep going the distance with your dogs, you’ll be so glad you did! You can follow Thomas on Instagram where he shares how dogs are benefitting just from being switched to the raw diet. It’s truly his passion as it is mine to see dogs cared for according to their nature and their needs.

Breanne Altherr and Great Danes
Bre and the Great Danes

Yes of course his Danes are raw fed too!

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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