Welcome Ezra to the Pack!

Carolina Dog puppy
My little Ezra, 6 weeks!

Well I went and did it…got a new puppy! Our girl Schatzie passed away in January as readers of this blog may already know. She was a Carolina Dog and because of her I became intrigued with this breed. Admittedly I’d not experienced this breed as puppies lol. Soooo I learned they are high energy and intense dogs. I’ll just share the very few social media posts I wrote about our new boy as introduction and primarily all of them this week with the exception of one. Why? Because I took a work hiatus to spend time getting to know him and get my puppy raising skills back…I had NO idea what we were in for lol! However, that said, it has been SO good because GOD is SO good! He always knows what He’s doing!

September 30, 2019 – Ezra 10 weeks old – continued from the introductory paragraph above (we got him at age 9 1/2 weeks old)
My boy King was also high energy and intense when we got him (or so I thought until this one lol) at 13 months old, but he’s almost 8 now. He’s been GREAT with the puppy and helps a lot!

Thanks to encouragement from good friends I’m staying the course with a little help from my Young Living oil blend friends: Peace & Calming, T-Away, Valor and Grounding….for the puppy too 😂😂😂😳😜

In this pic I’m not choking him lol but have a good grip so he didn’t try to eat the phone while I took the pic 😂😂😂😆. Yep and duh I used a filter because I feel like I’m a new mom who has zero time for my own appearance…which I currently don’t lol.

Dr. Kim and Ezra
Me and Ezra

So what I do is let him sniff from whatever bottle I choose for that situational moment. Then I put a drop in my hand and let him sniff that. Then I apply to me then to him. He likes the oils and even licks my hands when I let him sniff.

I’m really glad for the oils, a new oily dog, and great friends who give great advice in dog training and encouragement. This may be my last puppy ever though 😂😂😂

Update on oil usage: I now only put one drop of lavender and one drop of vetiver (I use only true quality essential oils not store purchased so be careful) in my hand, rub together, then I apply to Ezra. It calms him after a hard day of learning and playing. He sleeps well with this. He has had some challenges from the dry weather and high altitude but the oils (diffused primarily), probiotics, colloidal silver (I make my own using a SilverGen generator) and fulvic-humic acid are all I’ve used to support him. He has done SO well in spite of all he has had to overcome!

Ezra at 10-12 weeks old:

Update on Ezra – October 8, 2019 – shared in our private FB group: he sure is teaching me! Gotta say Mogens Eliason’s book is helping a lot! Ezra will do great with nosework! He’s a super fast learner!! I’m betting your puppies all are as well.

Carolina Dog puppy
My little wild Ezra – he sure is a looker!

There is a noticeable difference to me in naturally reared dogs in general and then this breed is still so close to its natural wild state making it exceptionally more so.

While I was resisting I had to consider all the puppy is having to learn and deal with. I am confident it’s FAR more than what we are dealing with on our ends. These dogs are so smart and want our leadership and guidance.

We just need to step up. I’m doing my own chores, work, etc faster lol so I can engage and spend time helping him become all he is capable of being. At first I was totally resistant. Ezra had to even adjust to a different time zone (2 hours in fact) as well as completely different environment- from green, moist and warm to cooler nights, dry desert, new people and an established dog who is struggling now after the novelty has worn off of “attention needing”. It’s helping US to grow and be far less sedentary and far more efficient in all we do as well.

12 week old Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra staring straight into my soul! 12 weeks old

I hope this encourages any of you who may be wondering or struggling. I’m grateful to Susan Lewelling (of Nature’s Way Carolina Dogs) and for the input of wise dog friends who helped me see clearer. By the way, she, her husband Danny and their friend Scott DROVE Ezra out here to us in NM all the way from TN! Not kidding either. Now that’s going FAR more than the extra mile no doubt!

October 20, 2019 – on my FB Timeline and Instagram
After three weeks of being more off than on social media this was my view this morning from within the confines of my own backyard fencing. But why not from the long walk in the arroyo?

dramatic NM sunrise
Another of our dramatic sunrises

Donnie is still doing that with King. However, I’m raising up a new one who goes by the name Ezra. He’ll be 3 months old this week. He got here at 9.5 weeks of age and what a journey it has been. He swept in like a tornado and upheaved a lot in our lives. The older we get the harder it is to embrace needed change so we got sent a whirlwind lol.

I’ll formerly introduce him all week with the photos/videos showing how much he’s grown already even though he won’t be a great big dog. He is a Carolina Dog. Schatzie endeared us to the breed but we got her as a senior. Puppy version is a whole new ball game 😂😂😂💖

Ezra loves this time of day because he gets to run zoomies all over the yard and terrorize ALL the flora and fauna 😆

He’s naturally reared 4th generation on his sire’s side. His dam was NR from 8 weeks of age. The agility and speed are mind blowing to watch in one so young!

October 23, 2019

3 month old Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra 3 months, waiting for Donnie and King

Ezra, three months old today! He waits for Donnie and King to pass by the fence each day as they return from their walk. I take Ezra for a short stint and then come back and let him run wild in our lower yard. He’s quite agile as you’ll see. As soon as King gets close he growls and races to the gate lol and then races into the upper yard to follow as far as he can. He really loves his big brother 😂.

Sorry but Donnie didn’t seem to realize I was still filming and he starts asking me if I had picked up the 💩😆😜🐕. I’ll share pics & vids later from when Ezra first got here so you can see he how he has grown!

The meaning of Ezra’s name. I got it straight out of the Bible, in fact the book of the same name, Ezra:
http://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Ezra.html#.XbCl1y2ZM8b – you’ll understand over the coming weeks why we chose this name. It is so in line with all that has been going on with me in my own life. My husband Donnie has REALLY stepped up on this and because of him far more than me, Ezra is doing SO good! He is living up to his name!

A man with an experience of God is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.” ~Leonard Ravenhill

An FB friend of mine (we are connected through our Great Danes – she always has at least 3) Cindy, said the wisest thing to me recently. She isn’t one to mince words, a true blue cool hippie chick, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what she said: “my humble prediction is you are going to UNlearn things you were SURE you knew. BUT learn lots of NEW INTERESTING things you didn’t know a thing about.” No truer words! She calls puppy rearing, beautiful chaos! I can assure you, a podcast with blog post will come from that!


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Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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