Naturally Reared Dogs

The Chronicles of Ezra…

Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra posing for me again. 13 weeks old

Ezra will be 14 weeks old tomorrow, October 29, 2019. Just to clear up any confusion Ezra is a MALE. His name is from the Bible. In scripture Ezra was a high priest and strong leader. Ezra is a Carolina Dog (they are native to the USA). He’s out of Nature’s Way Carolina Dogs. Susan Moore Lewelling is a graduate of our former animal naturopathy school.

These pics are from his first week with us – he was 9 1/2 weeks old when he arrived on a Saturday morning. Honestly those were some rough days adapting to a high energy, intense, very active breed who has also been naturally reared from a line of naturally reared dogs!

The difference between them and a conventionally reared puppy is astounding! They are super agile, strong, fast – very much like their wild cousins. I’ve long taught and advocated for natural rearing but having one that’s several generations into NR has convicted me all the more!!

He was eating whole prey and being fed only twice daily by 6 weeks of age which is very unlike the 4-5 daily feedings needed for conventionally reared pups. We did go to 3 feedings as we helped him switch from east coast time to mountain but we’re going back to twice a day now. So awesome to have the privilege of learning from and living with a naturally reared dog!! He keeps me on my toes.

Red leash provided by my friend Breanne Altherr. It’s been a lifesaver…well a home saver lol! He has to earn his freedom.


November 5, 2019

The video is Ezra’s first week with us – over 5 weeks ago! He will be 15 weeks old tomorrow!! He was perusing the terrain to conquer it lol. The pic I took of him Saturday. He’s grown a lot! That’s what puppies do – eat, poop, sleep (he doesn’t sleep a lot though) and GROW! 🐕🐕

15 week old Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra 15 weeks old hanging out with me

November 12, 2019

Ezra is 16 weeks old TODAY! You can see the growth in him. His agility all along has been impressive to say the least. He’s super fast when he runs and while he has some of the usual clumsiness of puppies (going too fast and rolls over for example lol) he is far more accurate than many full grown dogs that have been conventionally raised. Plus his breed, Carolina Dog,  is a primitive breed so they’re much closer to their original nature than many breeds are today.
He is definitely already guarding his perimeter, rather fearless, and definitely seems to think he’s bigger than he is 😆💕
The flora and fauna have been REALLY pillaged and left for dead in many cases. He is a combination of dog/cat/ and monkey 😂😂😂

Carolina Dog puppy climbing woodpile
Ezra climbing over the wood pile

In all honesty after having Danes and Mastiffs, I thought our American Bully King was way more dog than I ever wanted. He won my heart even so and is mellower now than I ever imagined he could or would be. That said, he’s got nothing on Ezra 🤣🤣🤣😜🐕
I’m ever learning and being stretched by these magnificent beings we call dog! 💕💕💕

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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