The Quackiest of Quackery

Blood Letting
Archaic blood letting by a physician

A number of years ago I shared the following podcast (repurposed into my current podcast, the DOGgone Truth) and now once again this same “quack” label is rearing its ugly head but also directed at MDs, nurses, veterinarians, et al, not just natural health practitioners due to this virus. Why? Because they are speaking out against the narrative we’ve been fed like food poisoning.

If they resist or ridicule you and reject your offerings made in good faith, move on. If they are not receptive to these healing concepts at this time, you can’t help them.” And, “…but until they come to you voluntarily with an open heart, you can’t help them.Dr. David Stewart in his book, Healing Oils of the Bible

This is mostly due to ignorance and those people that make this claim are usually the ones who have done zero research into the topic – or only listened to the mainstream narrative aka propaganda. They simply make these statements because they don’t want to awaken from their celebrity dream world or let go of their beliefs to embrace truth – that’s pretty hard for people to do for some reason and that’s also why cognitive dissonance can easily enter the equation.

Definition of cognitive dissonance
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It’s why people aren’t questioning the validity of wearing masks and gloves, while being angry that everyone isn’t doing it – if they protect you then why are you worried when I’m not wearing one? Hmmm, I’ve heard this narrative before a lot – when it comes to vaccines in particular. If they protect you, then why are you worried when I choose not to have those ingredients injected into my body??? Or when it comes to what is now being termed “reproductive rights” (aka abortion) why is the politically correct decision to be pro-choice for my body endorsed, but considered irresponsible when I refuse to have to be forced to be injected against my will with a multitude of unsavory ingredients under the guise of safety (safety is an illusion in this world – just saying).

This is why the owners of the matrix (aka globalists, aka eugenists) put so much money and time into promoting celebrities, because the celebrities are the stars that keep the matrix alive to billions.

No single person, including the President of the United States, should ever be given the power to make a medical decision for potentially millions of Americans. Freedom over one’s physical person is the most basic freedom of all, and people in a free society should be sovereign over their own bodies. When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies.” – Dr. Ron Paul

The medical profession’s favorite word, ‘quack‘, wantonly used to demean the perspectives and practitioners of (most) other health care modalities, is derived from the term quacksalver. Quacksalver is the archaic name for quicksilver (aka mercury), which is the highly toxic allopathic medicine used historically by university trained doctors (M.D.s) to treat syphilis and other infections. (And I will add what dentists use to treat cavities). Therefore to be etymologically precise, today’s practicing allopathic physician (the M.D. AND the D.V.M.) is, by his and her professional heritage, the original and authentic quack, but the proponents of other modalities do not feel required to refer to them as such.” ~Herbalist, James Green author of The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook and also the best-selling The Male Herbal. Director of the CA School of Herbal Studies.

What is disease? The medical profession freely confess that they do not know. Had they known its essential nature, they would cease their learned glibness about immunity. Theoretically, one ‘attack’ of an infectious disease establishes immunity to future ‘attacks’. In practice, they seek to borrow the ‘acquired immunity’ of an animal and transfer it to man. Or to produce a mild and modified form of the disease so that immunity may be established. As I have so often pointed out, this is an effort to set aside the law of cause and effect.Dr. Laurence Galant

The day will soon come when mankind realizes Drugs, Chemicals and Vaccines as we know them today are the main reason 55% of dogs and cats are dying of cancer as well as the human variety of mammals. The power of ONE is alive and well, JUST DO IT and SAY NO TO DRUGS, CHEMICALS and VACCINES as we know them today, and these number will reverse without some magic drug or pill BIG PHARMA is trying to SELL as SNAKE OIL at $1000.00 a mg.”  ~Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM (friend).

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