Erza’s First Birthday

CD Puppy chilling
Ezra doing Bible study with me on his birthday

He thought he was the boss of me from day one 😂

On July 23rd, Ezra turned a year old.  He has been with us now for just over 10 months. 🐕

It’s been hard for us in oh so many ways. He’s super intelligent, high energy and very pushy 😆. He seemed to know that on his birthday that was a special day for him as he sat with me quietly while I did my Bible study – which he never does as he’s usually too intent on playing with King or getting into something lol. 🐕

I’ve written blog posts and done podcasts on my journey with him just as I do all my dogs. Each one has had much to teach me but Ezra. Oh Ezra let me count the ways.😳😂🐕

And yet, and yet I’ve learned a lot. Not just about him but about me. And more about behavior, breeds, health and most importantly God. Yep God. 🐕

Ezra is loyal to a fault. He’s courageous because he covers his fear with bravado. He’s fierce and a fierce defender of his territory – which I think he thinks is the entire neighborhood. 🐕

Carolina Dog puppy on cot with raw bone
I don’t always tear up cots, but when I do I make sure to show my pride


Carolina Dog puppy
Little terror on four legs lol

Noise affects him a lot – just as it does me. We both need more quiet and calm.  His hearing is supersonic and so is mine. I wonder if it can have a bit to do with the fact that we both are visually challenged? I’m nearsighted. We noticed from the time Ezra got here he had trouble seeing things that were right in front of him. But his hearing is another story altogether. He and I both hear so much better than those who have very good eyesight – that’s the balance I suppose in nature. 🐕

Ezra makes the funniest noises when wrestling with King and they are ever trying to one-up each other 😆 – boys lol. What’s funny about this is in the beginning Ezra was silent during their play but King has always been VERY vocal as only a Bully can be. So I think Ezra is just emulating his “big brother” making his own unique sounds in the process lol. He only ever makes those sounds when playing with King. 🐕

No matter how many times I’ve gotten upset with Ezra or just “over it all” he comes to me and lays his head in my lap and I melt. I’ve cried so many tears. But he prepared me for such a time as this in ways I could never have imagined.🐕

So together, through all the fiery challenges 🔥🐕 we go forward. Together. Learning. Growing. And hopefully helping others through our mistakes but with a love that could only be forged in 🔥.

12 week old Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra staring straight into my soul! 12 weeks old

He is my little Black Knight, Fierce Seer in the Night. A treasure of darkness now brought out into the Light. 💖💖💖🔥🔥

Happy birthday my little love.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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