The Body Natural

Framed drawing of Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

Years ago I began in earnest looking into a more natural way of caring not just for my dogs, but also for myself and husband. I owe my commitment to do so AND share with others to my dog Shadrach, an amazing Neo Mastiff. While he passed away in 2011, naturally here at home, I’ve continued to share on the body natural.

natural body butter and air freshener
my body butter and air freshener

When I first began, I took it one step at a time first focusing on the needs of Shadrach. Then I learned that whatever I used in the house to clean, do laundry with, etc., was important to his overall health too. In addition I also learned that whatever we used on ourselves made an impact on his health as well. So I began making some of my own products. On the left in this pic is my own body butter and on the right the air freshener I use in my bathrooms. Rather than go into all the why’s in this post, I’ll just link to the many previous posts where I’ve done that as well as a podcast (among many) that I’ve done on this topic. I’ll share the recipes of the two products above with you as well.


This is SO simple – which is why I do it lol. If you had seen my first attempts at making my own lotion/body butter you would’ve cringed. My sweet husband just grinned and used it. Yep, he’s that kind of guy. Anyway here you go. Adjust this as you see fit for your own uses. I just prefer to make several jars at once so I don’t have to make them all the time. Yeah, I like simple and easy stuff. Which is why I’m glad Young Living started making some of the stuff so I no longer have to like laundry soap.

I only use these dark blue jars, or you can use the amber ones. I get my jars and bottles from but you can buy these in so many places these days. The reason for the dark jars is to protect the integrity of quality essential oils and I only use Young Living, ever. You can learn more on this page:


This is even simpler. You see the bottle in the pic above… it has an atomizer on it. I just add in whatever oils I want to scent my bathroom with, a drop or too of a natural emulsifier, 5-7 drops each of two branded blends, and lavender and peppermint. Fill with purified water. Shake and spray as needed. I keep a bottle in each bathroom. That’s it! Simple without all the toxic side effects of conventional lotions and air fresheners. Yep, I’ll be adding in hopefully one of these posts per week in addition to my other weekly blog post. I’ll get more into fragrances in the next post.


Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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