Did you know these harmful chemicals are in many personal care products?
Did you know these harmful chemicals are in many personal care products?

Did you know these harmful chemicals are in many personal care products?

chemicals in productsSomething that I am VERY passionate about is sharing with people chemical free living. Removing the harmful chemicals from your lifestyle, including those in your personal care products that can and do affect the overall health of not only yourself but your pets as well, is critical to reaching optimal wellness.

You may believe you are doing everything right with your pets – feeding a raw diet, exercising them daily, getting fresh air and sunshine, etc., but you discover your pet isn’t as healthy as they ought to be. Often when pet owners contact me with issues in their raw fed dogs or cats, I ask them to fill in the consultation forms and return them to me so I can REALLY see what they may not be able to and the two major issues I keep running into are:

1. They have not removed all the chemicals from their lifestyle
2. There are emotional components in the home with the humans that are affecting the pets.

The emotional component is proving to be a BIG one also – and something I will also cover to some degree in this class as well.

While I am not a counselor, I am a consultant that can at least point people in the right direction. This post is all about just SOME of the many chemicals we encounter daily – the graphic above shows the many chemcials women put on themselves daily in the name of beauty. This does not include the chemicals in cleaning products, yard products, not to mention paint, furniture off-gassing, bedding, clothing, dry cleaning, on and on and on the list goes. And it ALL affects our pets too!

Something to note, there are ALWAYS natural, healthy choices in lieu of this…I can say that with full assurance because I have changed ALL of this in my own life and I am always happy and eager to help others learn to do the same. For your health and that of your pets.

In addition here is an article from Natural News on this same subject:
Cut the Chemicals and Enjoy More Energy

The average American adult uses over nine personal care products a day exposing themselves to 126 potentially hazardous chemicals? Here is a partial list of toxins commonly found in personal care products:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate found in shampoos (SLS) is a mutagen that suppresses the nervous system; it can cause cornea damage, and hair loss.

Propylene Glycol found in hair conditioners is a known skin irritant; it can cause blisters, and dermatitis, kidney damage, and liver abnormalities. Propylene_Glycol

Talc in talcum powder, is related to the asbestos family; it has been linked to lung disorders and ovarian cancer, yet it continues to be used in baby powder.

Toluene, most commonly listed as “fragrance;” it is a carcinogen that damages the central nervous system. It’s known to cause cancer, liver damage, and lung damage; it may trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and cause birth defects.

Aluminum is found in deodorants and antiperspirants; it is linked to skin toxicity, Alzheimer’s disease, and breast cancer.

Fluoride is a known carcinogen; it is found in toothpaste. Yet there are no warnings on toothpaste labels. In fact, there is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child.

PVP is found in hairsprays and other styling products; it is linked to tumors, and has been known to damage the lungs and kidneys. (You can always learn to allow your hair to be natural without all that gunk in it ya know).

Many people think personal care products are “safe” believing the FDA would never allow such potentially harmful chemicals on the market. This is untrue. Cosmetics and personal care products are at present wholly unregulated. This means there is no governing agency monitoring what goes in them. A good rule of thumb is: if you would not swallow your shampoo, powder, perfume, deodorant, toothpaste or hairspray, then don’t apply any of these to your skin, because eventually they will end up in your body.

Keep in mind also, that ALL of these chemicals are in products used specifically on pets as well: shampoo, conditioner, their bedding, etc., not to mention the toxins in vaccines, flea & tick medication, etc. There is a better way that will not cause harm to your pets.

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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