The Heartworm Scare

Puppyhood_4aftercroppingThe heartworm scare – we’ve all been there because they are scary. It is scary to know they can kill our dogs. Years ago when I worked in veterinary medicine as a tech, I saw many dogs have to be treated for heartworm which was rather awful as we used arsenic to kill the heartworms but it often killed the dog in the process. But the REAL scare is the lie that using these toxins is somehow prevention and safe. On our dog group I recently stated in response to someone who called them poisons that was the key word: poison. And I also asked how can a poison be considered prevention or protective? Nature does provide better solutions (see below).

Nowadays they use supposedly “safer” treatments. I don’t think I’ve been in a veterinary office in recent years where I didn’t see scary posters of heartworms posted offering their version of the solution: pesticides that you give internally to your pets or have injected into your pets. And because your “veterinarian said so” then it must be safe right? No, they are not. Here are material data safety sheets on a couple of the products so you can read and see for yourself:
Material Safety Data Sheet – IverHart

The reason I decided to write this blog post was because this topic comes up over and over and over again on dog groups I belong to on Facebook. It also comes up in most of my consultations with clients as well. Recently a veterinarian friend of mine who has not practiced in a number of years and isn’t fond of the conventional approach but isn’t versed in natural health either, asked me for some suggestions on a natural prevention for heartworm.

Here is some of what I shared:

The key to protecting against anything is the immune system. And for our dogs, because they are carnivores that support is going to come from the nutrition they need to eat in order to thrive: raw meat, bones and organs.

Without that, the immune system is always compromised. Animals can’t cook so for them eating cooked food should never be the option. All kibble and canned food is just that: overcooked, denatured junk food full of stuff no one, never mind our pets, should be eating.

That said, the whole health approach we use is:

1. Raw diet
2. No vaccines
3. No pesticides of any kind and no need for it in ANY area no matter the amount of mosquitoes
4. Remove the toxin load: toxic chemicals in the home (cleaning, personal care, laundry, etc.) and yard.

Here is a short article by a veterinarian: – he lives in TX which has a high incidence for heartworm. But why? Not because of the mosquitoes but because of the terrain of the sick bodies in the pets. Remember that Pasteur recanted on his death bed and said that it is NOT the germ but the terrain!

Here is an article for you (as you can see I have had this discussion with many people over the years): – The Dream and Lie of Pasteur

A friend of mine named Lydia, who is a former veterinary technician just as are we said: “Where I live, there is a high mosquito population and heartworm is common. When I worked as a vet tech in this area we would have a minimum of 12 heartworm cases a week! I do not use any toxic heartworm meds on my dog and never will. What do I use? A healthy diet and minimizing exposure to chemicals and toxins as much as humanely possible. I do have my dogs tested each spring, but if they ever were positive, I would seek the advice of someone well versed in natural pet care vs loading my dog full of poisons.

And that is EXACTLY the approach I take in the care of my own dogs. It is also EXACTLY the same approach I take with my clients.

I hope this encourages you to think outside of the toxins and go for real health for your dogs.

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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