After the BOOMS!

Hi humans! Mom took this happy pic of me the morning after the BIG BOOMS.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you already know that I’m very afraid of these loud sounds – thunder too among others things. I’ve got a few posts you can look through on this topic.

Everyone asks Mom if she has done this or that with me to help me. Let’s just say she has used oils, music, white noise (fans in summer, machine in winter), homeopathy and now flower essences (we’ll share this one when we know it helps as it can take time they help reset the trauma circuits – we’re electrical humans just like you, bepaws everything in life is vibration ya know). They still do everything except the homeopathy – she did that with guided help so it wasn’t hit and miss but very targeted for ME. Everything helps some but I’m still scared and I still holler.

Sunrise July 2021

No, the thunder shirt won’t do either humans, bepaws I have many symptoms of what is known as the rabies miasm. It was passed on to me – that darn jab anyway, WOOF! Plus my breed still has all of their wild traits that haven’t been bred out so it just stands to reason more may bother me than some breeds/dogs.

I’m happy in this pic bepaws it was “the morning after” the big booms. Even though my humans do a lot to help as I said already due to the BIG BOOM holiday and the BIG BOOM thunderstorms (we need the rain so they’re NOT complaining yo) they’ve not gotten a lot of sleep this last week – bepaws the humans around here seemed to think the holiday was ALL WEEK. I get to take naps hehe, but they mostly don’t. Soooo you can only imagine how they are right now, GULP.

Yesterday when mom took my pic I was very happy that 1) it was quiet again, 2) it was nice and cool in the early morning when we were out, and 3) mom was happy bepaws of the beautiful sunrise! All that to say, we are happy we got through the latest challenges…mom says I’m her upgrade, whatever that means, woof!And we are grateful for the beauty in the midst of it all so I’ll share at least one of the sunrise pics with you! I hope your dogs are okay and hope most aren’t as sensitive as me. The best thing is to just be grateful even in the challenges. Perspective is everything…as you’ll see in the last pic.

Sideways perspective

As mom learns, she shares here with you so your dogs can be helped as well.

Be well humans, so your dogs can be too – yes, our humans health and well being does affect us too!

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, WOOF!



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