Tuning IN, to Tune UP!

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Inspired by Ezra

Not feeling on par? What happens when your vehicle needs a tune-up?  We take it to get a tune-up (or if you’re mechanically inclined you do it yourself). What about an instrument that isn’t in tune?  The musician gets it tuned-up or it won’t sound very good no matter how accomplished the musician is. What about our bodies (and those of our dogs), do they need a tune-up also?

The simple answer is YES. But how do we tune up a body? The body is fearfully and wonderfully created, so God made simple ways for us to do this. Most you can and maybe already do, but are unaware they are tuning you UP! The thing to know is it has to be a lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix either in most cases.

I’ll be sharing here the ways I use and know. As I said you’re probably already doing some if not all of these simply because you like to! I think that’s cool too. So hang in here so you can learn how to STAY TUNED.

The first thing to know is the basics for the health and well-being of our bodies. I have shared so much on these 8 laws of health on this blog that I have a category for them!

The simple 8 laws of health – I said simple not necessarily easy. They are Proper Nourishment/Nutrition, Exercise (yep, not optional), Fresh, Pure Water (fancy that), Sunshine (yes without sunscreen when simply sunbathing NOT sun BAKINGthis is the best sun bathing lotion), Temperance/moderation, Fresh Air, Rest, and Trust. Two critical ones that are rarely focused on (as you’ll see many memes with only 6), are moderation/temperance and trust.

Laws of Health for Animals

The others are all self-explanatory for the most part. Temperance means doing all things moderately rather than over doing. That includes any of the common six laws shared. The 8th law is trust – in the other 7 laws especially when the detox/cleanse starts manifesting in the body. AND trust in GOD, especially when it looks like everything is failing.

The old saying that it’s always darkest before the dawn is true! Have you ever experienced this before? I could talk for an hour at least on EACH law – and I actually have in the past on my former podcasts lol. Hang on because I could go even longer when I share the equivalent of these laws on the spirit-soul that God showed me! Don’t worry, I won’t go that long but I COULD.

Why would we even need a tune-up? Why does a car or an instrument? Over time, the wear and tear just happen in this world. A tune-up is to keep the instrument sounding beautiful for its intended purpose, while the vehicle is to keep it running well to do the job you paid for it to do when you purchased it. Our bodies can’t be traded in so we need to take care of them well all of our lives. Keeping in it in tune with the basics is really not optional if you want to BE well.

We are a triune being – spirit, soul (mind/will/emotions) and body. Each needs to be cared for equally, but nowadays we tend to focus too much on only one part or even two.  We need a balance for all three. A wonderful friend of mine, retired veterinarian, Dr. Hugh Bassham has a simple book on this three-legged stool we call human-being. The title of the book is, Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It. He ought to know, he’s in his 80s, healthy, follows these laws of health, and is on ZERO medications. I’m not either and don’t plan to be no matter what is being fear-mongered these days. We have the blood of Jesus and His DNA!!!

So what do I do? I follow ALL eight laws of health. I’m in the “senior” stage of life, so it’s not even an option at this point. Guess what though? It’s not really even an option at ANY point in our lives. In truth the younger we start (that’s actually a whole LONG story in and of itself), the healthier we’ll be ALL of our lives!

What else can and ought we to do? Tune-in to the right frequency. When you tune-in to a radio (like the old school type) you will keep searching until you get a clear signal as you don’t want static. You want a clear sound with the music you are looking for. Music matters by the way. Let’s start with that. Tune-in to the right music, music that brings harmony to your entire triune being. Music that raises your vibrational frequencies. That’s right spirit, soul and body simultaneously.

loud noise

Yes, there is music that can do that. Be aware there is music that can do the exact opposite as well. My music go to for this is WholeTones Healing Music Project – my dogs absolutely LOVE this music. They also LOVE worship music. They join me in worship. I have a Reel on Instagram (@drkimbloomer) with me doing exactly that!

Garbage in, garbage out. We want to make sure what goes in us – spirit, soul and body – is good so that we are expressing that goodness from the inside out. Our bodies and attitudes reflect what we are eating, drinking, reading, watching, listening to. So let’s focus on whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy, of good report…THINK (meditate) on these things. Philippians 4:8

So what did I start with when I began learning this? Essential oils – Young Living in fact because not all oils are created equal.  These raise your vibrational frequencies because they are good vibrations. What? Yes, as Einstein said, everything in life is vibrations/frequencies. Tesla said similar. These are good vibrations which = good for our health.

There are bad vibrations too. EMFs, human made noise from machines, industry, etc. NOISE is NOT good vibrations. We must counter these to remain tuned UP! There is an ebook titled, Essential Oils for 5G & EMF Protection by Dr. Eric Zielinski you can look up.

What ways can we do this to keep our vibrations high? Well as linked in the paragraph above and as I mentioned previously, \quality essential oils, WholeTones Music as I previously stated, EMF blockers (see post linked in paragraph above), but especially prayer, praise and worship of God.

Vibrate Higher

That segues right into what else can raise our vibrations as if there is anything higher than worshiping God. There isn’t anything higher. So THINK of the following as doing that very thing – singing, dancing, laughing, even hugging – make sure that person/animal wants to be hugged first though! King David in scripture always led out any battle with praise and worship of God. He is the only King in scripture that won every battle. He also danced, worshiped, praised, and sang to God publicly after every victory as well. His vibrations must’ve been off the charts – as well as all of those who joined in with him, which brought a unity of praise to God. There is a lot of information about these vibrations in many books you can look into. I’ll link three I’ve read at the end of this post.

Here’s the thing, don’t worry if you can’t sing or dance or even laugh either due to lack of ability or illness – that never stops me lol. Just do it in your heart or do whatever it is of these you CAN do. Always look at what you CAN do, not what you can’t. God will enable you as you step out in faith. In fact worship is far more powerful than we may realize. In King David’s time they DID know. By the way, doing it in your heart can be an awesome way to do this sometimes. Imagine yourself even doing these things if you are restrained for now. You’ll be amazed a how good you’ll feel and eventually BECOME!

Sometimes when you start doing all this goodness, guess what? The bad WILL come out. That can freak people out and often does because we’ve become so UN-knowledgeable about how our bodies (and our animals bodies) actually were designed to work. This is just our bodies releasing the toxins when we begin to support ourselves properly with all I’ve mentioned in this post. We also release toxic thoughts and feelings as well so be ready to embrace the release in order to BE well!

What do I do to keep my vibrations high and live my wellness proactively? I follow all eight laws of health DAILY. Likewise for my dogs. I worship God, pray to Him, and read His word DAILY. I read books that are uplifting – primarily faith and wellness focused. Same with movies. I don’t watch TV, especially not the news. Yet I do know what is going on and from a definite faith worldview. I use the oils daily. We listen to WholeTones daily. 

Music is what feelings sound like

Before we close this post, let’s talk a bit about entrainment. This is a musical term. I’ve always thought in terms of music (Dr. Caroline Leaf has a program to help you learn how your thought processes ignite – mine is always with music) yet have no talent as a singer or musician in the normal sense of how we think of that. However, God made us all to be able to entrain to His sound, voice and music! HE is our ultimate tune UP.

Entraining our hearts to His is also a daily thing we can do – we have to purpose to do it though. I visualize myself leaning against his chest as John did in scripture. John called himself “the disciple Jesus loves”. That’s what I do. I visualize that and I state that “I am the disciple You love” to Him. I won’t tell you our “secret places” because they’re OUR secret places. He has one or more just for you with Him!

What if you don’t know where to start or how? I can help you with that in a mentoring way should you so desire – just use my contact form to ask about that. My aim is to always help you and your dog(s) be liberated from the confines of living and being unwell, to BEING well. Not just trying to get well, but with a simple shift of our minds, we can THINK well to BE well. We can speak life over ourselves. Simple yes, but rarely easy. Why? Because WE stop ourselves primarily by what we think and say to ourselves. However, when we come to know Him, it can be a full on receiving of the truth of Jesus and His Word. His blood. His DNA in a holy overnight download. For others, like me, it’s a process. A painfully long one for me in fact. So I can empathize with and relate to those long road travelers like me.


Lastly, it is how we THINK about things that bring about the outcome in our lives. How do I know? I share and teach this because I’ve lived it. I’ve struggled with it all, especially mindset. By helping YOU, it helps me learn so I can do and be better too alongside of you. Jesus said simply, “Come to me ALL you who are heavy-laden and I will give you rest.” Saying the name of Jesus is the highest frequency there is, did you know that? So come on beautiful one, let’s do this TOGETHER! There is a quote that states, “If you want to learn something, read about it; if you want to understand it write about it; if you want to master it teach it.

Books that I love and recommend:

  1. The Sound of Healing by Michael Tyrell – which you receive when you purchase the WholeTones Healing Project Collection. We listen to this music DAILY and have for the last two years. The book is excellent!
  2. The Power of Praise and Worship by Terry Law
  3. The Supernatural Power of Music: A Quantum Leap into Worship by Len Mink

There are more of course, but I’ve read these and LOVE these books! Well this was a long series of Reels videos as I said, so you can watch those on Instagram if you prefer. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this and learned a lot. I sure enjoyed it!!

Here is a video that goes so well with this. There is one part of the song that mentions Redemption’s Frequency! I love that more and more are starting to connect frequencies, musicians though always have. In fact, did you know that sound is light slowed down? THINK about that for a moment. God spoke and said Light BE. He didn’t say “let there be” although that’s the modern translation of it. Let’s speak similar to ourselves shall we? BE well: When You Speak by Jeremy Camp.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



Kim Bloomer, V.N.D., N.D. is an animal naturopath as well as being certified in small animal nutrition, with years of experience in animal wellness. Dr. Kim is a published author, writer, blogger, host of the DOGgone Truth podcast. Dr. Kim offers Animal Naturopathy Mentoring and Courses. Subscribe to her DOGgone Newsletter for updates or to her blog via email. Copyright ©2005-2024 Aspenbloom Pet Care, Dr. Kim Bloomer, All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the Author/Publisher. This article is intended to be educational. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified animal health professional. Dr. Kim Bloomer and Aspenbloom Pet Care, do not assume any legal responsibility for misuse of the products discussed in this article. The only essential oils referenced on this website are Young Living.

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