Deserts and Music

beautiful wild flowers
My favorite desert wild flowers!

I wrote this back in June when we were in severe drought. Even though the drought has ended and the blazing temperatures have waned a tad, we are often still breathing the smoke from new wildfires or smoke from neighboring states that are still blazing. At the end of this I’ll share a pic of just one of the THREE ponds that have appeared in our lower yard since I wrote this post initially for my Instagram account back in late June. The part of our yard we call the “valley” – where our Carolina Dog Ezra stripped all the flora and fauna starting from Day 1 of his arrival to us. The yard has not recovered hence the “pond” lol. As always my posts on the desert and music are about frequencies/vibrations which equals wellness…or not, as that is our choice through our choices.

This quote truly does depend on two things…

1. Which desert you are in – Death Valley, Sahara, White Sands, etc., but all deserts have life and even abundantly, you just have to look closer. 🌵I’ll elaborate more in a subsequent post, but for now you’ll see some recent pics I took to show you some of the beauty. Just know that the desert is conservative and only displays all her elaborate beauty when there is enough rainfall.

2. What kind of music are you listening to?! Whatever goes into our ears affects our souls (mind/will/emotions) big time. It can either bring harmony to your triune self or complete disharmony and dissonance. So I choose music nowadays that feeds the “whole” me and brings harmony such as worship music and Wholetones. It helps me to tune in to the right frequencies that bring wellness rather than hinder it.

Let me wander down the music path for a moment before continuing further into the desert. When you tune into a radio (old school type), you will keep searching until you get a clear signal with no static so you can listen a clear sound for the music or message you’re seeking right? So music matters. We want to tune-in to music that allows us to tune-up! Yes, we (and our animals) need tuning up also just like a car, instrument, etc. The right music allows us to raise our vibrational frequencies (everything in life is vibration as Einstein and Tesla both stated) so we tune UP. Music that brings harmony and wholeness to our triune being – spirit, soul, and body – all at once.

desert flowers
side view of my house in spring

I’ve found that WholeTones definitely does that, and even more so for me AND my dogs when we’re listening to worship music (if you’re on Instagram you can see my reel on me and my dogs worshiping together). There is music that can also do the exact opposite so choose your music wisely so you can BE well. We tune-in to tune-UP with the right music. Yes, of course there are other ways to tune-up but music is definitely how this world began as God did more than SPEAK us into existence, He SANG us into existence as God is always singing and rejoicing over us! I’ll elaborate more in upcoming posts – even pointing to the DNA. It’s actually what I HAVE been sharing for over a year now in almost every post if you’re connecting the dots yo! Tune in to HIM!

Once you eliminate the static and find the right frequency, a lifestyle of hearing is the result of simply remaining present and attentive throughout your day.” ~Jason Hooper

Now back to the desert – that is music too and there is much good vibrations happening there even in the midst of drought and sand.

In drought we often think only of staying cool and praying for rain. Something I’ve noticed this year though – which I’ve missed previously – is there is still abundant life and beauty if we are looking for it. You have to look closer is all. 

One morning I was once again bemoaning this (why I do that I don’t know because we do live in a desert after all ), and Holy Spirit whispered gently, “Look closer.

So I started walking slower – this was during my early morning walk with my dog Ezra. I started noticing green growth where I hadn’t noticed it before because it was hidden under the dry, brown stuff. I also noticed the dry, dead stuff was protecting the tender green growth.

Have you ever considered that this is true in our own lives as well? That the desert wilderness is really a time of tender growth and resetting in our lives? Of slowing down to tune-in so we can tune UP?

I’ve been there for a couple of years now and had not noticed much other than what was lost until recently. 

I believe God’s telling us to look closer for the new thing He’s already doing rather than holding onto what was. It’s not like anything ever before on the earth! We are still stuck looking back but let’s face forward so as to not get stuck as pillars of salt shall we? Tune-in to His voice so we can tune UP!

Choose wisely so that, to paraphrase from scripture, no matter what you’re walking through, He came to give us life and life abundantly!(John 10:10)

I’m looking forward to the rivers of rejoicing and the new thing God IS doing!

Backyard desert flood

Before I go, let me share one pic of the desert POND lol. This has happened THREE times in the last month!

That was July 29th the first time. That time brought dime-sized hail, real heavy winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightening. It was quite a storm. After it passed, my neighborhood was stunned at the destruction in so short a time and it was nothing compared to what people go through in tornadoes and hurricanes. We needed the moisture but that was a tad dramatic lol. We had another about a week later, and then another just a couple of days ago. Anyway, Ezra was quite intrigued by it all and ran across the water like he was walking on it LOL! If I haven’t shared that here yet I sure will SOON!

I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you are stayed TUNEDUP… so you and your dogs can BE well.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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