Tummy Tax

American Bully and Carolina Dog

Hello humans, this is King, the American Bully also known as Attitude Adjuster in the allegories.

I have a short message for you today since tax season will soon be upon humans – after the fun and bustle of the holidays. That doesn’t seem fair does it?

Recently Mom came up with a name for my demands for tummy rubs and kisses. She thought maybe you’d want to know this about your own dogs.

Here’s what happened. One day her very good friend, Bre, sent her a video of a very cute Dachshund girl, WOOF, who charges her humans belly tax – they can’t pass by her unless she is paid the taxes due, hehe.

The reason I know this is bePAWs I didn’t realize that I was also demanding belly tax, only Mom started calling it Tummy Tax for me – she wanted to make this distinction for ME. I roll over all the time for her to rub my tummy and she often kisses it, so I charge more for that.

Ezra doesn’t allow Tummy Tax which is why I chose this pic of us bePAWs he has his snarky face on. He sometimes lets Mom rub his tummy but he’s not as domesticated as moi, WOOF. He prefers to do other weirdo things that are more in keeping with his breed.

Dad doesn’t pay Tummy Tax, he just scratches my head. He DOES pay massage tax though. Ezra or I will sit right between his legs while he’s watching TV so we can get him to massage us. Mom doesn’t pay massage tax except once a week when she does my full body massage. Ezra will ask her to lay on the floor with him so he can get ear and neck massages.

We have our humans trained REALLY well. They don’t have us trained as well as we have them trained – they should learn from us.

Mom said to me though that this tax is the only tax she enjoys paying, WOOF! So I charge a LOT of it, and we both charge a LOT of massage tax. We hope that you share this with your dogs so they can start charging you too, WOOF!

Here’s the Dachshund demanding belly tax

This is my short message this week since I had to do the blogging as Mom has been preoccupied with some serious human stuff. As she always says,

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, TUMMY TAX day, WOOF!



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