In Remembrance and Honor
In Remembrance and Honor

In Remembrance and Honor

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Today this is a simple reminder that, no matter all that has transpired the last few years, that we are still blessed. Thank you to the service men, women, AND animals that have given the ultimate sacrifice, and those who are still here with us fortunately. We honor you!

Here is an offer for you and my short backstory for you as to why I am sharing this…

Back in December, I began using this pad for my own dogs. My Carolina Dog, Ezra, was having an issue with a hind rear leg. I began walking him on-lead and doing slow jogs, to help him get back his mobility as he was rarely using that leg. By keeping him from jumping, as well as other bad, unchecked habits that were further compromising his leg, this was my first solution. He’s naturally reared and has been his entire life. This solution also helped he and I bond in a fresh new way!! I used a couple of natural modalities for him such as essential oils and CBD – I was already using both though for his noise reactivity which I’ve written about here. However, the one thing that truly helped him alongside of my twice daily workout routine with him (and it got me running again!) was the PetsPEMF pad. There is a $50 off coupon available for you here if you are interested in helping your own dog.

We were using it differently than suggested by the company – once daily and now as the dogs desire. I place it inside of a bed in our family room, and each dog takes their turn – they know by now it is a “therapy session” lol. This has made a difference for my elderly dog King too but he doesn’t always want it and neither does Ezra. They decide. Now that it’s summer they both seems to prefer sunbathing more. They know what they need. So anyway a few times per week they indulge in the pad.

Because this has been so beneficial for my dogs, I became an affiliate for the company. I’ve not promoted it much but wanted to today since there is a good discount attached for you.

Here’s the offer…Click on the photo below to get to the site and the coupon code is in it as well.

Enjoy your holiday but also remember, maybe this should be called, “Remembrance Day in Honor of our Veterans” or something. It’s not a “Happy” party day, it’s a somber day. There are veterans (including the animal veterans) that are struggling, so let’s be supportive of that. My father fought in WWII as a Marine. The rest of his life, he dealt with the after effects. I only knew him this way. He was too young, 16, when he went to war – that’s another whole story. My husband is a non-war Army veteran but a veteran nonetheless. We eat the good food God provides on this day, enjoy our dogs, yet it is not celebratory as we quietly honor our veterans who believed in what they were fighting for even though I suspect they’ve be very saddened and grieved by all that has come to light and happened. They did it honorably even if the governments of the world have not.

Here is a recent video from a pet health summit about this PetsPEMF:

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, REMBERANCE Day!



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