Does God Heal Pets?

Ezra posing with his toy

As I promised I’m going to share my own stories that correlate to the last two posts in this ongoing series that began with 1) What Is Sickness? and 2) What About the Diagnosis. So the question now BEGS, why then do our pets still get sick if what I stated in those two posts is true? And does God heal pets?

Let me start with a post that shows the answer very succinctly and simply – and to an illness that MANY pets sadly experience these days – seizures. Why? Well, look at the vaccine inserts, and you’ll see that is one of many side-effects of vaccines. The following post shares a story of just ONE dog that was healed and his human was able to have him taken off ALL medications. Here is the article: Glory to God – the Dog, the Scooter, and the Community. Why was this dog healed? His human asked for prayer from her faith community which she received, then believed God would answer her request. It was her belief, her faith that He would answer and He did. The writer of the article said that he THINKS God cares for animals. I can tell you He DEFINITELY does, after all He created them. They are mentioned throughout scripture. It also states that during the time Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, that He spent time with the WILD animals – Mark 1: 13.

Have I seen my own dogs healed this way? No. Do I believe the story above? Absolutely 100!

Why and how can I? Because I believe God and His word. Just because I haven’t experienced it personally does not negate the truth of His word. His word cannot come back void, it accomplishes everything He says – maybe not in our lifetime but it finds a landing strip eventually! Isaiah 55:11.

Do I BELIEVE I can experience this? YES!

Why do I believe that? My own dogs have been how I’ve learned so much and wanted to go deeper into all of this, not just for them or myself or my husband, but because I love God. He loves me (us) and any doubt only hinders what He wants to do in my (our) life. I believe I’ve had doubt that He would heal my own dogs because “why would He do that for me?” Which is a common response. It is NOT humble at all, but rather a form of pride. I’ve since learned that humility is agreeing with EVERYTHING God says and has said. Also, He’s not the author of sickness, disease, and death. That’s another topic that we WILL go further into, so stay tuned to this blog and podcast.

Let me now share some stories of my own dogs as the promised segue from the previous two blog posts. As a short recap I mentioned that animals don’t have a filter for our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. They receive it all. Whatever we are fixated on in our thoughts (which are transferable energy by the way), then our pets are receiving those.

My Dogs

SHADRACH the Neo Mastiff – this dog is the reason I even became an animal naturopath. Why I began blogging and podcasting. Then went to school for my human and animal health degrees. He motivated me THAT much. What is interesting is I was also searching for solutions for my mom’s diabetes. I was so entrenched in conventional health for my animals and myself as a former vet tech, I didn’t even really know where to begin, I just wanted to help her. The thing is, I was just ready to move forward. Into faith. Into truth. My former dog before Shadrach was my Golden Retriever, Fridge. He cracked open the door for all of this but Shadrach blasted a hole in the wall so I couldn’t retreat back into a comfort zone lol. I won’t share the whole story here because it’s in my books, here on this blog, and on the podcast. So just search for “Shadrach“. Here’s what is strange, because I was so fixated on “diabetes“, it’s exactly what Shadrach ended up with. First a pancreatitis, then diabetes (canine mellitus). I treated him entirely with the correct carnivore diet, and natural modalities. Why did he “get” diabetes though (we don’t get or catch these things, they manifest in us and them)? It was always on my mind for my mom. Not for me. So many in her family “got it“. They were of the MINDset, that it is genetic. That’s what we’re told. But it’s not. It is EPIgenetic. My mom used to say to me often (rather morbidly I think), that I was going to “get it” also. I always said, “NOPE, not a chance!” which I believe is the main reason I never did – because I didn’t receive that lie!

However, those thoughts didn’t stop Shadrach from manifesting it. That makes me sad, but he still lived to be nearly twelve years old as a giant breed dog. I know they can live even longer, but I was just beginning my journey into all of this with him. He had almost eight years of a wholly natural lifestyle out of those twelve years.

How do I know he received my thoughts? Well, call it speculation or a vivid imagination, I don’t care because I know thoughts ARE energy that is transmitted like a radio wave and can be received like a receiver. I’ve DUG into this topic a lot, so I invite you to do likewise if you are cynical.

One time he and I were on our way to our very early morning park exercise and then meetup with his dog friends (and mine) afterward. It was summer and he had a habit of going after the big sprinklers that spray big streams of water to cover a large area. I was concerned about the problems that could cause, not the least being a torsion. Well, I was telling him that on the way to the park that morning and asking him to please not do that anymore. I had these vivid images in my head the entire time I was talking to him. I used to talk to him ALL the time. He was my special, special boy who still to this day motivates me. When we got to the park, the sprinklers were going full force, and I thought I was going to have a challenge with him. He never again went after those sprinklers. I didn’t even have to train him not to. He just never did. So, you decide if he received what I was saying and thinking or not.

MESHACH the Great Dane – he was my first wholly naturally reared dog. He never had kibble, yay! We got him as a 9-week-old puppy, gifted to us by a wonderful friend. He was absolutely beautiful inside and out. He came to us four months after Shadrach passed away. He was so smart, funny, and became our neighborhood ambassador. Sadly, though he began having seizures (terrible ones) at the age of eight months shortly after he began puberty. There are so many speculations as to why, especially since he was only first generation naturally reared (NR). I must’ve been thinking about those things in the first place, especially since he was my first NR dog. My Golden Retriever, Fridge that I mentioned previously also had petit mal seizures after his first rabies vaccine at the tender age of three months old – but I never connected that vaccine to his seizures until years later when I was receptive to the truth. However, that wasn’t the case with Meshach.

Why then did Meshach begin having seizures? The first night those began I was in absolute shock. I was told there was nothing in his bloodline…but I did find out that several generations back one dog in his line died from grand mal seizures right in the middle of a seizure. Those distortions are carried down the bloodlines generationally and are cumulative. Look up, epigenetics. Meshach was not healed. We prayed over him as did others. Yes, we did both a natural approach and a pharmaceutical approach. NOTHING worked for him – at least not long-term. At fifteen months we had him released from that torment through euthanasia. It was so very hard, and I was so very heartbroken. I won’t go into all those details here as I’ve shared so much of that journey on this blog over the years. From his first seizure I did lots of research. I know that seizures were on my mind from that first one forward. I was always THINKING about what COULD happen.

Did I lose my faith over it? No.

I believe there were things that caused this to happen that are outside of what we deal with here in the natural world, even beyond my own ongoing thoughts on this situation. I believe there was some supernatural evil happening here. I also believe the time has come to share some of that soon to help others understand the real reason our animals are sick or “get sick“. As I’ve said multiple times in these three posts, it is because of us in large part. I’m not saying we make it happen so much as our thoughts are what play the major role. As we think, so are we – Proverbs 23:7. Here is a great article by Kim Potter on “May Our Soul Prosper” that can further clarify what I am attempting to share here. Our soul is our mind, will, and emotions.

KING the American Bully – he came into our lives five months after our loss of Meshach at the age of thirteen months. He is still with us to this day and is twelve and half years old now. He became my husband’s “buddy dude“. He also has been a great help to me to DIG into emotional healing. I’m in a different place now but we’ll continue to segue further into all of that as we go along. King has had health challenges. We’ve watched him recover and then have other issues, but along the way his super attitude and funny demeanor just keeps our home in balance. I call him our peacemaker. Also because of him and our next dog, I began to learn to speak life over him rather than worry over him. The power of life and death is in the tongue, Proverbs 18:21. Every night, he and our other dog, Ezra (see below) receive prayer in the positive – speaking only life over them no matter what is going on. I’ve used only a wholly natural approach with King. He’s been so receptive to it all, even though he has had challenges, but we always overcome them.

Why has he not healed completely no matter what we pray and speak? I mean why not one hundred percent healed as is happening more and more and ought to be the norm not the exception for those of us who follow Jesus? Again, the power of the mind. I THINK because I’ve been in both veterinary medicine and then natural health for so many years (most of my adult life), somehow, I’ve come to rely on what we can do in the natural rather than believe what God has already done and made available to me as His daughter. I’ll be addressing that more and more as well. Here’s a story I wrote (with podcast) on both King and Schatzie (see below) that gives the full story of how they came to be with us: Lost But Now Found. By the way, I am certain King understands everything we say. He can even articulate some human words which freaks out those who’ve heard him lol. He’s really intelligent and also very sensitive, somehow I believe if my own attitude were MUCH more positive and if I guarded my words far better, he’d BE well.

SCHATZIE the Carolina Dog – oh this lovely creature entered our lives four months after we got King. She was a total blessing although not a dog I wanted or was looking for (reference the Lost and Found story above for details). Her story is told on this blog a lot too. She was sick when she came to us, and I thought she wouldn’t be with us long because of it. Looking back I think she was just very neglected and really just needed some tender love. She was about seven years of age (her previous owners didn’t know the exact age as they were her second owners and had adopted her from a shelter or rescue). She recovered so quickly after coming to live with us. She immediately took to the raw diet. I trimmed her nails, cleaned her teeth, groomed and bathed her, and loved her so much that she just responded so well. She was looking for love and we’re so glad she found that with us! She recovered from her initial illness. She was with us for five and half of some of the best years in my adult life and blessed our home with her beautiful presence. She was not healed in the end though as she also had grand mal seizures the last week of her life and was the second dog I lost to cancer (Fridge was the first one). Was I thinking of those things? Well, I’ve had to with clients and their dogs. Somehow, when we get these illnesses into our heads they can manifest in our lives – in us, in our animals, etc. Our minds are a powerful thing and can be used for such good if we but learn how to take those thoughts captive, 2 Corinthians 10:5. Did we pray and believe she COULD be healed? Yes.

EZRA the Carolina Dog – We got Ezra in late September of 2019 at the age of 9 1/2 weeks old. He’s been the single most challenging dog I’ve ever had and in part because I absolutely was not ready to have another dog, especially not a puppy – I know that in hindsight sadly. Ezra is still very difficult almost five years later. Is it because of him or me? I believe mostly because of me. One minute I can be loving him and the next so irritated with him and his constant overreacting to normal daily life sounds.

Why though? The world erupted into absolute chaos when he was six months old, and I felt like he added a ton of it already during those first months – but is it him or me? Well, we aren’t well-matched personality-wise, but he’s still super bonded to me – go figure!

So much happened as we’d closed our school, ended my years working with my awesome friend and colleague Dr. Jeannie, and so much stress was on all of us. I think Ezra is a super sensitive dog, with extreme hearing and noise sensitivity. I’ve written about him a lot here since he came to live with us. He has taught me so much. I pray over him and King daily. I’ve not experienced dramatic healings in either him or King, but I believe I will…I’ll explain that over time as we go along. It’s a deep topic all by itself!

Carolina Dog and American Bully dog

How can I believe after all these stories I’ve shared on the dogs that my husband and I have had and have? Read the first story on the dog that was healed after he was prayed for. I know that happens a lot more than most of us are even aware. I know that is God’s will for each of us, the animals, the entire planet. I know some will want to argue that on all kinds of eschatological levels. That won’t change my mind. I believe God. My husband is living proof. I am living proof of my own healings of which I’ll share a couple of videos with you that happened to me in 2016 in a future post. There have been other instances more recently with me as well. What’s weird is I never believed I COULD be sick anymore. These only happened in the last six months twice. I have ideas on why all of this has happened and what is going on.

I know this is a longer post than promised, but now that we are through this and you can see I’m still going forward, I hope you will stay tuned IN and UP with me and journey on. I know God is doing something with all of this and that many of us can and will benefit which always includes our animals! Notice how after Shadrach, I didn’t communicate as in depth with my dogs any longer like I did with him. I talk to them, but Shadrach and I had a very different relationship than I’ve had with any other dog, ever. That’s something I only noticed now while writing this. Hmmm.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, “GOD HEALS PETS” day!



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