A Letter from Snookie the Border Collie Mix to Animal Talk Naturally

Snookie 2010-09-25This is a letter we received from a Border Collie Mix – via his human Paula of course – about our podcast. This is what we live to hear:

Dr. Kim,

We can’t thank you enough for all you do and the info you provide. You are our salvation!

Mom has transitioned me to raw meaty bones since listening to your podcasts. She has downloaded almost 80% of your recorded calls to her iPod and listens to them daily on her way to and from work. She also makes Dad listen to them. I will send you my full story and pictures later but for the moment, I just turned 13 years old this month, primarily Border collie with a bit of Springer Spaniel, and thanks to you and Dr. Jeannie and Mom and Dad for their belief and persistence, I’m off Prednisone and antihistamines after more than 10 years. Mom and Dad rescued me when I was a year old and cured me of mange (wish we knew about you then!) and have gone through a lot to keep me alive and well to the best of their knowledge.

Mom and Dad thought they were doing the best possible for me by Vet Dermatologists and Vet formula “Kibble Poop“. Now we know better thanks to you! Mom and Dad are quite persistent so I am definitely benefiting and improving. We learned of you from an e-mail notice from our purchases with Young Living. When Mom has more time she will detail our journey and where you have taken us and where we look forward to being. I LOVE Raw Meaty Bones! Dad goes to the local market and we are all enjoying better quality organic meats. Stay tuned! We all love you and what you bring to this world. Mom and Dad are encouraging everyone to get plugged in and make the leap.Snookie 2010-09-25(2)

The first 3 months since on raw feeding (since June 2010) were the worst but we are now seeing improvements and a turning point: pretty white teeth (no more tartar buildup), clear eyes, and shinny coat. Mom got me on Great Life Enzymes and Pro+, Young Living Sulfurzyme, Young Living Essential Oils, Diatomaceous Earth (also in the yard for pest control). I’m still in detox mode but improving daily. We’re still working through allergies and itching but much improved. I’m itching less and sleeping better so far. We have quite a ways to go yet but we are looking forward soon to the other side.

Thank you for your dedication to this most important crusade: us little critters who need you to hear our cry!

Snookie-Swimming-in-Emerald-Lake-2010-08-14-300x220We thank you for your reply and yes please share my story. We need to get the word out to all my little friends who need our help and more importantly their caregivers. Mom needs to take some current pictures this weekend and will send them soon. I will look much better in a few months I know.

We are huge fans of yours and are learning so much about animal and human health thanks to you. Mom has trashed all the household cleaners and replaced them with Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner, Earth Friendly Products, baking soda and white distilled vinegar plus lemon, and more. Mom washes my bedding in Thieves cleaner and I love the way it smells and I get bathed with Young Living’s Animal Scents Shampoo. We recently went to the mountains for a week long vacation and thanks to your insect recipes, we defeated the mosquitoes. Little kids hugged me and said how good I smelled. I also don’t have fleas and yippy for me no more yucky topical remedies. No more vaccinations for me! Mom downloaded the Certification of Non-vaccination and, excuse the expression, is loaded for Bear! Thankfully we found you better late than never so I can have a healthier, happier senior life.

Stay tuned and give Shadrach a big Woof for me!

Love you,

In care of Mom and Dad
Paula & Bob Woods

Thank you Snookie for sharing your journey to wellness with us -it sure has made our day!



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