A Letter from Duffy the Wheaten Terrier’s Owner Lynn to ATN
A Letter from Duffy the Wheaten Terrier’s Owner Lynn to ATN

A Letter from Duffy the Wheaten Terrier’s Owner Lynn to ATN

DuffyHere is a wonderful letter we recently received to a listener who has listening to our podcast for over two years, and how it has helped her with her dog Duffy a Wheaten Terrier:

Hi Dr. Kim,

Here is the story of how I switched from feeding dry dog food to raw. I’ve heard you say on your show that you like to get these testimonials.

This happened in March of 2008. Duffy was then 8 years old and had always been in good health. We got him from a conscientious breeder in Minnesota, so from a good source and we hadn’t had any health problems with him.

It was a Sunday morning that I noticed he wasn’t acting very perky, but didn’t think much about it and my husband and I went off to early service at church. When we came home, we found my daughter with him, head on her lap and she said he was crying and it seemed hard for him to walk and move. She had been with him all morning. He was not his active, bouncy self so we were concerned and took him to the vet the next day where they ran some blood tests on him and did xrays. He couldn’t find anything wrong with him as a result of the tests and said he didn’t know what it could be.

I talked to a friend of mine who said, “Well, you remember all of those dog food recalls, maybe his food is bad”. I hadn’t thought of it so started doing some research and although the recalls had been over for awhile, I found out my the premium “Natural” brand of food was made in China. I don’t believe it was specifically on a list (don’t recall), but decided to take him off of it and then started doing research on what in the world to feed him.

So I got into reading about quite a few things including cooking human food (grains, veggies, etc.), for their dogs and then I found feeding raw. I did do some cooking of rice and meat for him for a few days and then decided to try out the raw. I must confess I wanted to try raw because it was easier than all the cooking & measuring.Duffy_eating_his_RMB

I started him on chicken pieces – I’d buy bags of legs & thighs and looked at how much to feed him by on-line charts and started feeding him the chicken. After looking at it and me, he decided he liked it! I still remember how I’d put it on a paper plate and put it on the ground outside. Of course, the first thing he did was drag it off the plate – so that didn’t last long. Now I just let it drop in the grass and he knows what to do.

He was back to his normal self after a couple of weeks and we haven’t turned back and it’s nearly been 3 years now.

In my search on-line, I found your ATN podcast. I’m a big audio podcast listener and added that to my subscribe list. So I’ve been listening for a couple of years and visit your website and FB page every once in awhile. I’ve learned so much from you, Dr. Jeannie and your guests and have shared it with friends. A friend of mine started feeding her dog raw too! Then I took in a wheaten this summer and started feeding her raw too. My daughter and her husband have her now and they are keeping it up!

Thanks so much for your show and good luck as you and Dr. Jeannie get going on your new venture this year.

Best Regards,
Lynn Dye
Virtual Assistant

Thank you for sharing your story with us Lynn, we LOVE this kind of feedback! We’re so happy Duffy is now living a REAL dog’s life!

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