kibble poop
kibble poop

A Letter from Snookie the Border Collie Mix to Animal Talk Naturally

This is a letter we received from a Border Collie Mix – via his human Paula of course – about our podcast. This is what …

The Kibble Poop Song

When I was a kid, my dad played the bass upright in an R&B band. He was always singing to us and us with him even though none of us can carry a tune. One song stands out as his “theme” song to all of us: The Friends That I Know. That is an old R&B song from way back in the day! I decided to write some words to the tune of this song in a parody to what I fondly call commercial pet food: Kibble Poop. Understand I can NOT carry a tune, hehe, so have a good laugh!
Kim Bloomer


Words to the Kibble Poop Song:

The pets that I’ve known and lost to you
turned away went passing me by

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