Dogs Need Detoxification Also
Dogs Need Detoxification Also

Dogs Need Detoxification Also

King_posing_webOnce upon a time in an earlier time in the USA, every spring was not just a time to do some deep cleaning, but to also deep clean the body of toxins accumulated during the long winter – which didn’t include fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Dogs and people both need detoxification several times per year!

Our bodies and that of our dogs have not evolved contrary to popular scientific myth. They are adapting yes but that doesn’t mean the former needs are gone. Detoxification is still necessary, now more than ever due to the toxic air, food, water and vaccines!

When we got King he needed to shed a few pounds as well as detox a yeast overgrowth. Mike had him on a raw diet, but the diet was not from grass-fed animals. That can be expensive for some but it is also becoming more and more necessary for us to feed our dogs this way because there are just too many hormones and antibiotics in conventional raw diets.

I am not certain but I think King was weaned to kibble and possibly had puppy shots 🙁 So I went proactive to detoxify him. The first thing that actually facilitated the detox was me using several different quality, branded essential oil blends for calming him* the first day he was with us. He was understandably nervous although ever so loving and sweet. I wanted him to be more comfortable during the transition. He also began presenting with allergy symptoms which is just the body responding to something in an unnatural way but also a form of the body trying to get rid of toxins as well.

What happened over the next couple of days was an immediate and rather intense detox. So to support him further I did the following:

1. Switched him to an all grass-fed meat/bones/organs diet once per day rather than twice per day
2. I used the oils diffused for gentle support.
3. Using a great fulvic/humic acid product
4. A wonderful mushroom product for supporting the immune system (Mycoformulas) while detoxing the body of the overgrowth of yeast he had.
5. Added soil-based probiotics to his diet – until we can find some good green tripe 🙂

His exercise is increased here because of our daily, hour long walk, plus we have all this space out here so he gets out and about in it a lot. He also plays with our neighbor’s little dog Stella several times per week as well. In addition, we play ball games and frisbee outdoors with him daily. He gets LOTS of exercise! That has helped keep the lymph moving which moves the toxins out of the body. King has shed the few extra pounds he had. His coat is extra soft and shiny. I brush him a lot which also not only removes shedding fur and dead skin, but also assists in the detox process.

We have noticed an increase of energy in him. Movement is something I am very interested in and always have been, and I have noticed his movement is much more balanced and easy now. It didn’t take much tweaking or time to get him to this point (a short three weeks). Just some minor adjustments can make all the difference. Click on what looks like a funny photo below and the video will play.

You will notice in the video above (just click on the link and wait for it to load) the “before” and “after“. Both segments do show his sweet, loving little personality. The first part was his first day with us! The second one I just took on Friday, March 15. Just three weeks later. He is creeping up on the invisible rabbit he believes is there since there was a rabbit there once before. King remembers every single place he has ever spotted a rabbit. Brilliant little mind of his!

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: King, American Bully by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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