There is nothing new about raw food
There is nothing new about raw food

There is nothing new about raw food

Eating_oxtail2It’s funny how all of a sudden many mainstream news sites are sharing the trend toward raw feeding of pets – dogs & cats that is. BUT they always have to show how many veterinarians don’t agree or how pets could get sick with salmonella or e coli, or it may be imbalanced, blah, blah, blah. Animals have ALWAYS eaten raw food! Okay so let’s examine some facts:

1. Dogs ARE carnivores. Nothing in their DNA or anatomy has changed other than our outward appearance…contrary to much popular myth floating around in the media and on the internet today.

2. I’m going to quote a friend of ours who passed away a couple of years ago (one of the good ones), (deceased veterinarian) Dr. Johan Joubert on what vets learn in school “We come in on the 4th floor. We aren’t taught the foundation up through the 3rd floor about animal health“. Which explains why they can’t see the forest for the trees. Veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan says “They have been assimilated into the system” about her own profession.

3. Salmonella and e.coli “outbreaks” have been happening in KIBBLE…commercial dry or canned pet food. Dogs bodies need a “balance” of “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria (a balance of intestinal flora). Ideally everyone has a balance of “bad” bacteria in their guts, that includes Salmonella and e.coli. Dogs ALL have this bacteria in their guts. The so-called “outbreaks” are from something not done properly at the commercial plants allowing the OVERgrowth of this “bad” bacteria. We all get overgrowths of “bad” bacteria in our guts if we don’t eat food our bodies can readily assimilate and digest.

4. Humans can eat meat but the biggest challenge to them is that many want their carnivorous canines to only eat vegetables. Why is it not okay for carnivores to eat meat? Since when? Domesticated animals are still the same as wild animals with the same needs as their ancestors. Domestication doesn’t change their nutritional needs contrary once again to popular propaganda.

5. Balanced and complete. We hear that statement ALL the time, especially from veterinarians and the pet food companies who teach them the very basic, very little nutrition they do learn in school. No meal is ever balanced and complete for everyone for every single meal. No, balance comes over time, eating all the foods each species is designed to eat, naturally.

6. COOKED food has always been the problem for everyone! ALL animals in the wild eat raw. Animals get sick the most when fed COOKED or KIBBLE. That will affect the pancreas, liver, kidneys,….on and on and on.

7. Stop believing the lie as it is all fear-based. Bono said, it’s not enough to rage against the lie you MUST replace it with the truth. The truth is always ridiculed until it becomes self-evident.

AND here’s a great site to get more info:

Lastly, stop reading and watching the mainstream news! They are supported by the organizations that want to STOP you from feeding a true carnivore diet to your canines! Seek out naturopaths, nutritionists and holistic veterinarians who have stopped listening to the status quo NONsense and want to help you see your pets well and thriving!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, naturopathically healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: Meshach the Great Dane puppy by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.




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